Trump vows higher US tariffs on more Chinese goods

Jun 2013
1. Donald Trump tweeted on 5 May 2019:

2. The rest of the message was carried over in the next tweet:

3. Donald Trump is so confident that he is going to win the trade war that he bragged in March, "We will do very well either way, with or without a deal."

Please note the last few words in his May 5 tweet: "....they attempt to renegotiate. No!" Trump seems to rule out further negotiation. He seems to say: "Surrender now, or else we’ll finish the job!"

There is a Chinese saying "Worship the high, trample the low". There is another Chinese saying, "A human heart can become so greedy that it can be compared to a snake swallowing an elephant". Here I coin the term "trumpython" for a "bully king" who is so ruthless and brutal that he would trample his victims into the ground or out of existence.

Trump and company seem to have reached the (wrong?) conclusion (or actually a delusion?) that China is a weakling after silently measuring it up in the 10 months of trade negotiation.

4. Using simple arithmetic calculations, some people claim that China is in a weaker position in the trade war due to its huge trade surplus with the US. As a result, China cannot match its tariffs one to one with the US in the trade war. However, Trump's tariffs should be of no concern to China. As pointed out in an article by Mark Niquette on January 17, 2019, "While Trump has suggested on Twitter and in public comments that tariffs are somehow being charged to or paid by China and other countries, trade economists say that’s generally misleading. US importers of record are responsible for the duties, and ultimately US businesses and consumers could pay through higher costs, they say."

Hence, China needs not raise any more tariffs on US goods. It just has to sit back and laugh at Donald Trump for fooling his own people into filling up the US coffers with their hard-earned money. Higher tariffs on Chinese goods are akin to full-blown economic sanctions, placing China in the same league of Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela which are heavily sanctioned by the US. Using an analogy of a boy not worried of getting his body wet anymore to play in the rain after falling into a pool, China should have no qualm trading freely with those heavily sanctioned countries if Trump foolishly carries out his threat of higher tariffs on more Chinese goods.

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