Trumpian dinner

Jun 2013
1. With regard to the mysterious arrest of the Huawei CFO, it is obvious she has been targeted and followed for a long time by the US spy agency. It would not come as a surprise that the Trump administration was planning to arrest her on December 1, which fell on the same day of the dinner meeting, in order to embarrass the Chinese government.

Since Trump took over the presidency, a number of Chinese were arrested for dubious charges either on US soil or in US allied nations. It is obvious that the Chinese “offenders” have been targeted and followed for a long time by the US spying agency. Hence it is not surprising that the US spy agency has a list of Chinese citizens (businessmen, military personnel, scientists, students, etc.) for arrest at the right moment.

However doubtful the conspiracy theory, there is no doubt that Trump and his top aides were aware of Meng's arrest on the same day during the dinner meeting. This shows the hypocrisy of the Trump administration at the trade talks.

2. Regardless of whoever was paying for the dinner on December 1, it is obvious that the dinner came as a high cost for China as the US would quite likely slap an astronomical fine on Huawei for the dubious "crime". With regard to this, I coin the term "Trumpian dinner" for a meal which the guest has to pay more than the "pound of flesh" on the dinner table. In other words, a Trumpian dinner ultimately comes with a high price and serious consequence for the guest. The following sentences show the use of the new term.

(a) It was a Trumpian wedding dinner for dozens of people as they fell ill a few hours later after reaching home.

(b) On the way home after dinner at a restaurant, John was killed in a road accident. "What a Trumpian dinner!" cried his wife.

(c) A week after eating out with his boss, the employee received a bill from the restaurant demanding him to pay for the Trumpian dinner.

(d) A Mafia godfather was shot dead by a sniper at the restaurant doorstep after attending a Trumpian dinner meeting with another gang leader to settle some issues.

(e) It was a Trumpian dinner for the guests as they later discovered that they had been served with beef products contaminated with mad cow disease.
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