U. S. Citizens Not Detained under NDAA

Before we worry ourselves too much about being detained or held by either military or civilian authorities without being allowed to know for what reasons for which we are being charged or detained nor allowed to contact a lawyer about the matter, Devvy Kidd, a writer for NewsWithViews.com has written an article stating there is nothing that can be found in the National Defense Appropriations Act that declares American citizens are covered under any provision of this legislation. Her article can be found here: http://newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd519.htm

If she is correct as she usually is we need to get our facts straight before we contact our Congressional representatives or the White House about the matter. I personally am against the bill myself regardless of whether or not Devvy is correct or not. Many of the reasons I oppose the bill are expressed by Devvy herself but we must admire Devvy to have the courage to speak the truth as she sees it even though it may promote legislation she may personally dislike or not support.

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