UK National Database

Jan 2009
Manchester [UK]
So the Labour party apparently are trying to pass a national database this will hold the finger prints and personal details of EVERY British Citizen criminal or not.

What do you think to this?

For me it's not a huge issue I think it's fine again as I have said in other posts if it prevents us coming to any harm or can solve violent or sexual crimes in the future then it's a bonus and only those with something to hide would worry.

However I don't agree with Young People's details being kept on file.

For example unlike the USA if you are ever arrested from the age 10 upwards in the UK it's held on record for life with no way to clear it as far as I am aware and comes up on CRB checks though this is a slightly different issue to a national database I think it is a good cause to raise concern as I really don't think it would be the best of ideas to store a child's/young persons information on any type of database until they are 18.

After all the UK doesn't have the best of reputations for keeping personal/private and confidential files safe such files have been lost many of times so goodness knows who's wrong hands they could be in now.

Due to the concern of Young People and Children Labours idea of a National Database gives me many reasons to be very concerned.
Jan 2009
That is similar to the national id card talk here in the United States. I am strongly opposed to such a program because I believe that it intrudes in a person's freedoms as well as privacy. It virtually gives the government the ability to track people and everything that is tied with them, which is a really dangerous game. This sort of program only leads to more big government and more intrusions on the freedoms of the people.
I would oppose as it intrudes with your freedoms and privacy. There will be a people who will be opposed and get mad at the government. The government also needs to be careful on how they handle the situations that come from there decisions.
Jan 2009
To be honest I think this is a good idea in some ways, I think it would help prevent some crime and maybe make things better in the long run. On the other hand, I feel having all your data on file, it seems like the government are running everyones lives...
Jan 2009
I really see no harm to this. They can already track us through the SS number if they really wanted to do so. I know that I have my fingerprint tied to my driver's license.

This would basically fall into a standard thing of I've got nothing to hide. It doesn't matter if they have my fingerprints in a database. It just means that I have a higher chance of being caught if I break the law (and forget to wear gloves :) ). Now...if they were planning to add a bunch of other information to it...I'd be worried. Just having a name and basic information wouldn't be a problem though. It could be used to crack down on rights in the future, but if the government was planning on cracking down on rights, then I don't think it would matter if they had my fingerprints or not.

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