UK Royal, USA Gov and Islam Freemasonry and Social-In-Justice Role on awarding Qatar

Jul 2018
The France and UK Freemason in Europe practice in Social terms has gone too much far bt serving their agents via Italian Freemasons and Gov and those Qatari and Islam Freemasons which meet in Milano and Sweden.

In the old times the Islam was buying people and creating the salvary and this is the Freemasons of Islams and who sustain them.

The practice of UK Gov and UK Royal Family main logo is well noted in 2022 world cup hosting for qatar and all of them they are freemasons from royal countries help each other even with terrorism and CIA, Pentagon so far helped budget and created by their cooperation with Syrian Gov.

Note that all of USA budget of Iraq was which is in trillions is at Freemasons Islam and American Qatar USA Military basis and note also that Qatar royal family and Gov is declared terrorist and terrorism financing by their Arab neighbors like Saudi and other countries.

This logo has 2 sides, the first side represent the lion and here we note the transaltion of Syrian president from his arabic name Assad into english which mean lion and he is an agent for Israel and Jew lobby which control the world via USA Gov and UK Royals and others.

The Assad or the lion with his cross at that time of awarding world cup hosting to Qatar and Russia, at that time it was lead by another Vatican chrestain figure which was former USA president which is also an result of UK Royal family since he has anb chrestian profile prefering his mother on his mulsim father hussien. But to note that Assad is Mulsim financing the Global terrorism and his activity is freemaonry only to serve him and he was prepared in UK to serve the jews when he was student in UK.

The other side of UK Royal Family Logo mean the Gaming and entrainment, I am talking about the donkey which is well found in gaming and entrainment parks like walt disney but in our case we talk about gaming and sport and football.

In return to UK Royal logo and the lion and Assad regime we note for a historical strange sitaution the performance of Syrian national team in the world cup preliminary games which was about to go to the world cup and this performance was for the first time in their history overy Assad regime services to Israel and Jews and his personal distruction of his Syrian nation for false but wanted claims to so far called the national security of Israel described by Maklouf syrian regime family that it is safe at Assad leadership to Syria but Assad is an criminal war and his place is Lahai not Syria.

Syria rapildy in politics sent their nagent the former Syrian PM prime minister which said that he is against Syrian Gov and stand with Syrian democacy but he was false and his mission is to limit the Syrian opposition in Qatar which is financed by Syrian regime.

The claims that Islam world fight qayatr may be false, there are Muslims with interests to create greate immigration of Islam.

In Italy 3 parts may be helped via freemasonry the Qatar and Russia and are

1-Agnelli family wonners of Juvents, 2-Silvio Berlusconi former wonner of Ac Milan, 3- Motatti main woner of Inter Milan.

Qatar, Italy and Arab Golf has exchanged benefits of investments between them in real estate or fashion industries especilly in Milano Italy city and note that Silvio Berlusconi was Italy prime minister at that time.

In return to core point of UK Royal family logo which is the main practice of joint interests inclding exchange of money laundry and Gov interests exchange we note at the donkey part the green space this green space represent in our situation the football stadiums and above Italian freemasons of football clubs and Mafia. Here we note the Prince Charles.

In Fifa, they prepared an agent to head and main teams which particpated in the world cup prefered to not have normal particiapation but we note here also the name of UK Queen which is LiliyNBet and all World Cup bets was surprized and suspected and we are sure about betting gaming controlled by Jews.

Why I write this:

I am vicitme of the freemasons and Gov practice for Syrian regime and Italy Gov and others and all this happened when the UK and Italy Gov pratciced social in-justice on me since I did not wanted to be a relgion person they described us terrorists and risk over their interests and Syrian regime and Siaks Beco Deal between UK and France for Israel.

In 2006 France awarded Italy via UK freemasons the world cup and it was made by jews to destory us and today all the teams serve France or UK.

Please study the Fifa president and retire the world cup of Qatar Hosting immidatly.
Jul 2018
All this report is true and so for called the animals freemasons and the criminals of Torino and Agnelli family exchganged the benefits with so far described today Qatar terrorists Gov since thier main player buffon is moved at the frensh Islam freemason club woned by qatar paris saint german which launder alqaeeda money via nymar which killed in 2005 an brazilian in london by Alqaeeda and another Italian in Egypt by same methode-Mafia-Alqaeeda-Syrian opposition risks and regime