Understading Global War Pratice by Freemasons-Isalm & Syria on western chatolsim

Jul 2018
Unfortunately, The baath party of Syria which control Syrian politics with many millions of Syrian members via his social leaders not the key players issued all the times from our childhood Social warrant about Christian religion.

The warrant was well observed via printed posters and printed warrants on active social places in Syria near his centers. The posters include warrant to not connect Italian brands like Ferrero and Kinder chocolates with claims that they finance Israel.

The target of warrant is to depart Syrian society from the western Catholicism in order to ensure his social position in Syria and leadership. The posters was looking like death announcements of Islam religion.

This is not new for the Baath, they celebrated and made Abo Alqaqa which sent to Iraq a lot of fighters selected from many dirty social places which we dont know or visited.

The problem is that Baath Party issue also social warrant on people which respect the western chatolism or are representing risks against them. Example of this Unfortunate warrant is the USA warrant on this Syrian people designed by them and who can cooperate with USA and Syria are so far called Walid bin Talal from Saudi Arabia and the warrant is looking like Glass transportation warrant on boxes and this logo of warrant is the logo of CITI Bank umbrella and Japan and even the UK royal with target to depart from capitalism and to destory detnals via this warrants and all of us know that this muslim president os Syria which has interests to practice freemasons not chrestian relgion are best friend for the another muslim which invest in Syria and called the walid ibn or ben talal and is a major holder of CITI Bank USA.

This is why we warranted on him in Global western society since he is an muslim Glo-and dental glo, Globalization, not that walid bin talal may be also American citizen.

Everything was to look in order in Italy and we was to be in a safe place but so far called Severino Poletto joined Walid Ibn Talal and freemasons Islam since all the royal family of Saudi created his wealth and actual news about him is false.

Agnelli of Torino which Poletto was the principal cardinal of that City received from the USA chresyler brand and better said from the CIA mafia.

This brand target is Arab Golf countries since those buy only American brands and Agnelli Torino club Juventus print the Advertisment of UK freemasons JEEP brand or better said the UK Royal and Gov.

Poletto was very happy to pratcie freemasons for Agenlli and Italy Gov and poltical parties which may include Berlusconi and partito democratico under direct approval from Germany and European commission.

Germany also is a key target market for brotehrs of Partitio democratico which is Merkel party, in this market Kinder brand is active and is from Poletto city of Torino.

Places controlled by Saverino Poletto in Milano and medical tests and drugs from Agelli mafia over report againt him. The report was due the fact that this person for his FIAT brand designed for some autos the same logo of the online foreign exchange company called FXCM which today is destroyed over currency manipluation and support for Global terrorism in Lebanon and another chrestians of poletto there and Italy sent via the UN 3000 solider there since they made for Syria and Israel a joint relation to destory Hezboulah in 2006 war over world cup final point.

For Severino he found a Syrian and tried all the best to pratice with UK Royal family and Gov and Arab Golf countries the democracy on me under direct capital practice and the result is to destory Syria and Baath party over well explained relation since we hold scholarship member of that party but fortunately we are against him from our childhood.

Poletto made it too much large with the Islam in places like via Saponaro 40 in Milano which are controlled by a place near the USA consulate in Milano and via Isonzo 11 and via kramer 1.

in via kramer 1 it was injustice practice of Isalm poverty terms and anti-capital practice. But to note that walid ibn talal connect also the ecommerce industry via Ebay which there colors indicate the actual revolutions in Syria and the death there with Assad. Payapl already are Jews and there founder are UK Candian called Musk made 1 billion from Arab Golf and UK oil trading an space outiside of his pratcie and is considered finance and global terrorism finance over what we saw from this brands and time spent, we talk about Musk and he is an Mousad agent like Syrian presdient and walid ibn talal protected from Jew lobby in the USA which receive trillions from drugs and Alqaeeda.

Ebay and HP presidnet reached billions of Dollars and the colors of Ebay is those of south America drugs countries and UK Royal logo colours and even Spain and Comunism which found in Spanish fedel castrol and Chevara whci look like the former Syrian security intellgence system Asef Shawkat which was killed by Syrian Gov over harriri case made under thew word death in UK Royal Logo between Syria and Mousad for freemasons under national securiry claims of USA and CIA and he was important Muslim.

Poletto is a danger and he is freemason agent which does not serve only the mafia which host that places and they are CIA agents.

You may consider above very carefully since we have never been againt western chatolism in any monet in our life and consider the Islam and Israel Gov, Mousad practice on us there and UK royal benefits from democracy since UK Royal gave a wife from UK to bin laden the worker for USA economy recovery and money laundry of Penatagon and Robert Gates which is and Russian UK Agent.

The key ebenfiacy today is the son of Saudi King in the Jew Media over his services on us and on Syra and photos with bloomberg and USA tech companies explain the muders and that he an criminal agent.

Please just study the false claims of Ali Mamlouk and Assad of secretive USA international warrant on us and its targets for Syrian freemaosons and regime since the EC wish the drugs fund here and the mormns are the islam of the future.
Already Poletto spent our time in Syria via his Mousad Jew Agent the Caston Banna family and Hamol swiss woners well finance by currency trading to not study in Syria or in Europe.