Understanding Actual Money Laundry of Walid Ibn Talal – Saudi Arabia – Mousad Agents

Jul 2018
unfortunately all of us know that Jews and Jews lobby control the world and even European politics and political parties and they build and install via Mousad there agents to destroy the nations anywhere.

This person which came from Saudi royal family called Walid Ibn Talal has an profile and a long profile of hotel investments and here I am not talking about hotels lobbies I am talking about Jew Lobby and Alqaeeda which already transformed billions to them.

Alqaeeda long profile of fighting Russia with so far called Jew lobby over Russian support from old times to Syrian army resulted the political execution of Yuoks founder michail kudrkofsky over Jews
Alqaeeda relation and this person is an Soros agent in Russian politics.

This is not our subject, our interest is that those persons try to practice the UK royal family logo on people to benefit from them and Soros found the Mormon an important space for this practice.

I am talking about the lion with cross and the first side which is Syria and and at the other side the donkey which represent the gaming and investing and playing in stocks and forex since the donkey is well found in entertainment parks like Disney land,

The first side is Syria and on opposite at the other side is Israel. And Israel practice this on Syrians in exchange from benefit from Europe and UK Royal and even Vatican politics and drugs money which are controlled in Italy.

The result is evident, Syrian practice of Bashar Alassad Syrian president to make him freemason in secretive model with other Syrians freemasons resulted a safe place for him in politics and trillions of dollars for jews starting from credit crisis until the gains of wealth to jews like mike bloomberg and soros.

But in real model the Saudi and Arab Islam countries which are Freemason like Arab Golf decalred the war on Assad regime over this practice and crashed the Syrian economy and financed the Syrian oppositon and hosted it and this is only the beginning.

The results chrestians which does not serve anything only spionage in the middle east for Mousad, This is very negative and against human rights, Soros was smart to choose the Mormons since they have similar terms to Islam relgion, they do not practice sex with women s and girls outside of the mirage and they dont drink alcohol and with this they appear Muslims in their society.

Why I say Soros: becouse Romania is active space for Mormons and Soros with USA played a role in the crash of communism, we are not Mormons and we researched them carefully to study how they play a role in our destruction.

In return to Talal he is a key player in this field. And Mormons are Alqaeeda and Talal are Soros since both are investors in same field,

Billions of Dollars are lost on manner basis in CITI bank stock and other banking stocks like HSBC by Arab investors, they money remain at the banks and the numbers change down and when close the investmnet they go up and Talal is awarded over his services but those are lost money on a good will over drugs laundry for Jews by Arab Govs to be sustained by USA Gov and Jew lobby which control USA, only Clinton was not freemason and they created for him a women with Russia two times one for him and one for his wife.

All those are well suatained also by Sweden Freemasons.