Unofficial "African Engineering" Thread

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
Kindly post stuff that you've "rigged" or modify to make them work, whereby otherwise they wouldn't.

I looked high & low for a protective cell phone case for my new cell phone. Simply could not find one! :confused:

So i discovered that my old cell phone case is the exact width as my new phone, and the main difference, is that new phone is approx. 3/8" taller than old one. So I simply CUT case down the middle, separated pieces by 3/8", and clear taped the gap between the two pieces! :D

I had to cut out a little bit for the camera lenses and flashlight to not be blocked.

I'm such a GENIUS! :cool:

FYI: I don't care if it looks tacky! :D

(click on pic to enlarge)


Oct 2019
San Bernardino, CA
Our mini fridge that used to be in one of our old RVs had the thermostat go bad. It had a hair trigger whereby you turn it slightly warmer, and it shut off completely, and if you turned the dial slightly cooler, it ran constantly, and everything froze inside.

Rather than try to replace thermostat or just scrap it and buy a new one, I bought a cheap electronic that turns the unit on for 2 hours, then shout off for 1 hour, 8 times a day. It seems to work good this way! :p If I find it runs too cold, I'll reprogram for slightly less ON time, and visa versa if it seems to run too warm. :D