US can't hide the plight of Native Americans

Jun 2013
1. …Native Americans live in a country that consistently pretends like they do not exist.

…The prevailing ignorance about Native people does not stem from individual failings but rather from the systemic erasure of Native people from K-12 education, mainstream news, and pop culture. Researchers found that this lack of visibility directly undermines public support for Native rights. Respondents who didn’t know about contemporary oppression were less willing to support a broad range of social justice issues, including treaty rights and eliminating racist sports mascots. As one participant put it, “I feel like Native Americans do not experience a great deal of discrimination mainly because I don't hear about it in the news.”

Invisibility is the modern form of racism against Native people. We are taught that racism occurs when a group of people is seen as different, as other. We are not taught that racism occurs when a group of people is not seen at all. Yet the research shows that the lack of exposure to realistic, contemporary, and humanizing portrayals of Native people creates a deep and stubborn unconscious bias in the non-Native mind. Rooted in this unconscious bias is the idea that Native people are not real or even human....

2. US heavy-handed actions against incarcerated Native Americans could not hide reality. Mike Pompeo's propaganda outlets can pretend that the natives are "invisible" or "non-existent", but the truth will prevail. The US administration can't hide its gross human rights violations perpetrated against the indigenous peoples and other ethnic groups from the world. All other countries should express serious concerns about the human rights violations against the Native Americans and raise these regularly with the US administration.

From Columbus's arrival to America in 1492 up until today, Native American tribes have been oppressed and cast down. In the 1800's, their land was invaded and they were forced onto reservations. In the Indian Wars, many Native Americans were labeled "hostile" and massacred by the Union Army. Even the reservations and "Indian Territory" was taken over and settled by the white men, and today, the major tribes that once flourished over all of North America are all but gone, with only a few small reservations to live on.

Wigwams were burnt. Bisons were slaughtered to almost extinction in order to starve the natives. Their Ghost Dance was banned. Their sacred burial grounds were bulldozed by the government. Friends were being killed one by one in the name of “civilization”. Brothers were forced to walk thousands of miles on the Trail of Tears from their homelands to the "Indian Territory". All countries should stand up for the freedom and rights of Native Americans.