US House passes 3 bills to support HK protests

Jun 2013
1. WASHINGTON — The House passed three bills Tuesday aimed at showing U.S. support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong....

One of the bills condemns China’s intrusions into Hong Kong’s affairs and supports the right of people to protest. Another requires annual reviews by the U.S. secretary of state of Hong Kong’s special economic and trade status, providing a check on Beijing’s influence over the territory. A third bill would ensure that U.S. weapons are not being used against protesters by police.....

2. Using the "Psycho" analogy, the Psycho led his victim to a small window and asked him to peep through it into a room on the other side of the wall. The victim could see a dozen of his servants were each forced to lie face down on a bench. They were screaming in pain while they were flogged on their buttocks by masked men.

The Psycho said: "Today I simply urge you to faithfully honour your promises to buy more soybeans and agricultural products as well as going obediently and calmly to the dental chair. If not, your servants will not only bleed profusely at their “bottoms”, their bodies will be crushed and their bones shattered."

After the two men went back to the negotiation table or rather, the interrogation table, the Psycho cited the Bible: “What does it profit a person if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

The victim laughed loudly: "For cheats and hypocrites like you who carry the Bible with one hand and a sword with the other, God has reserved for you a place in the ninth circle of hell in Dante's Inferno."

With a wicked smile on the face, the Psycho said: "If I do not speak out for human rights in your land because of commercial interests, then I shall lose all moral authority to speak out on behalf of human rights in any place in the world.”

"Balls!" shouted the victim. He leaned so far back on his chair that he fell backward to the floor. He was not injured however. Instead he was rolling on the floor with laughter.

After a while, the victim went back to the table and said: "Coward, if you got balls, arrange a duel with me instead of going after my servants and adopted children.

The Psycho said: "I don't want to see your dead body lying at my feet. Instead, I want to see you bowing down to me. Don't forget that I excel in crushing bodies, shattering bones and torturing obstinate people like you."

"Not only that, you also excel in filling concentration camps with innocent immigrants and stealing a whole country from the natives. It’s time I stand up to you!” replied the victim, as he pounded his fists on the table. Then he picked up his shoe, stood up and banged the table with it.

The Psycho laughed jokingly, "Are you reigniting the Cold War?"

The victim roared with laughter: “The Cold War has never left us. It's here all the while and has now become the Ice War!" :)
Oct 2019
San Bernardino, CA
This is breakthrough news. Glad to hear they can actually pass something with all their hoax diversions taking up all their time.

Southern Dad

Forum Staff
Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
There are always some bills that get passed no matter who is in power. However they are usually the ones that do not change our lives. We need our House and Senate to go back to negotiating. The part where senators would say, we'll support your bill on this if you support our bill on that. One party didn't like this but wanted that, the other party liked that but didn't like this.
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