US officially labels China a 'currency manipulator'

Jun 2013
1. The US has officially named China as a "currency manipulator", a statement which will intensify tensions between the world's two largest economies....

On Monday, the yuan passed the seven-per-dollar level for the first time since 2008, prompting Mr Trump to accuse China on Twitter of manipulating its currency....

The move is largely symbolic because the US is already engaged in trade discussions with China and has implemented tariffs on the country's imports.....

2. Using one of my analogies, a psycho is using all sorts of pretext to torture his victim. Under such circumstances, the victim has no choice but to keep fighting hard for his survival. If he kowtows to the psycho, he will still be dragged all the way to the dental chair.

Not only will all his teeth be extracted, all his toe nails will end up like his finger nails, being extracted one per day by the psycho. Hence, the victim is forced to retaliate by dragging the psycho to the dental chair too.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a finger nail for a finger nail, and a toe nail for a toe nail.

Outside the most horrible torture chamber on earth, a big group of psychos are waiting eagerly for the outcome of the life-and-death struggle. Once they see the psycho achieve his evil goal, they will approach him: "Let us have some fun too. We want to go inside to pull out all his hair, eyebrows, beard and moustache."

3. In the final analysis, it does not matter to China whether the White House incumbent is a "paper tiger", a "sick tiger" or a "toothless" tiger, what matters most is to deal the buffoon a crushing defeat in the so-called trade war in order to discourage more ferocious "tigers" waiting in the wings from persisting in his folly.

As a Chinese saying goes, "A mountain cannot accommodate two tigers." Geopolitical hostility and rivalry between the two countries will persist for a long time. Any display of weakness by China will embolden US politicians and future presidents to emulate Trump's folly, even prolonging the geopolitical rivalry to several centuries.

Southern Dad

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Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
The tariffs are hurting China. They don't want to admit it but some companies are moving their assembly or manufacturing to other APAC countries. I wish they'd bring it back to this country but that isn't in the works. Labor is too expensive here.
Jun 2013
... I wish they'd bring it back to this country but that isn't in the works. Labor is too expensive here.
My great friend, you have the same wish as the "Chosen One" who mounts a trade war with China, but you are more down-to-earth to admit that "labour is too expensive here". :)