Waiting Times - Germany vs UK


Apr 27, 2009
Disunited Queendom
You know these threads, they're the ones where I explain why the German system is so much better than the British, yes? Well, not this time. Something I've noticed about waiting times between the German and British healthcare systems in doctors' appointments is that the Brits have one over on us.

In Britain, if you want to see a doctor, you visit, or call up, and make an appointment. You are given a time, and you go to the surgery at that time. You will be seen within 5-10 minutes. Brilliant.

In Germany, if you want to see a doctor, you visit, or call up. You're given a time. If you visit, you can show your insurance card then, or when you actually go there. When you arrive at the time, you are given a number and a general time. You can wonder off for a few hours, or so. Then, come back at around the time, and you will be seen within a few minutes.

I will say that the German system is surprisingly flexible (it never usually is), well as in Britain, you're usually given another appointment. Ah well.


Secretary of State
Mar 15, 2009
This has to be amazing. I thought Germans have always been fastdious clock watchers, and the British always had a time for a cup of tea.

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