Weddings can be expensive

Southern Dad

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Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
Weddings can be expensive, especially if your bride has high expectations. I worded if she'll wait for him, as he serves his sentence. His getaway car was a Ford Focus. His first stop after the robbery was to pay off the wedding venue, and his second stop was to pay off the wedding ring.

The robbery seemed like it had gone down without a hitch, police said. The alleged thief, Heath Bumpous, had managed to steal thousands of dollars, drive off in broad daylight and pay the venue where his wedding was set to take place the next day. All he needed to do was buy the ring.

Then, the 36-year-old got a text from his fiancee. “Did you just rob a bank?” she asked on Friday, according to the local sheriff in Trinity County, Tex., about 100 miles north of Houston.

As it turns out, police say he had, before leaving his outfit on the side of the road and turning himself in later on Friday afternoon — in a case that’s the latest viral instance of errant grooms charged with crimes on the eve of their wedding days.

He robbed a bank the day before his wedding, sheriff says. He allegedly did it to pay off the ring and flowers. - The Washington Post
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