Wehrmacht attacks Soviets to forestall imminent attack.

Jul 2013

Important evidence has come to light in recent decades that shatters the official, endlessly repeated view that Hitler, bent on world conquest, launched a treacherous surprise attack against a peaceful Soviet Union. Long-suppressed documents and other detailed evidence shows that by June 1941 Soviet dictator Stalin had built the world’s largest military machine, and had deployed an enormous strike force on the western Soviet frontier, in readiness for a massive attack against Germany that would roll on to overwhelm central and western Europe. Hitler’s ‘Barbarossa” attack, say a growing number of historians in Russia, Germany and other countries, was actually a preventive war to forestall an imminent Soviet strike.
Aug 2012
North Texas
This is news to you?

Who is saying the Soviet Union was peaceful? Stalin killed more of his own people than the Germans did. The Nazis and the Communists hated each other, but Stalin saw an industrial benefit to making a deal with Hitler to do an end run around the Treaty of Versailles.

The USSR invaded both Poland and Finland in 1939 plus a short undeclared war with Japan in the west. It was only a matter of time before egos of Hitler and Stalin clashed in war.

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