What are your predictions for 2014?

Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
The Republican Party will shed itself of Tea Party influence, but will lose a few seats in the house and senate before doing so.
The Democratic party will continue however, to lose popularity due to Obama and the ACA until 2015.
Late summer storm activity will be extreme following spring/summer drought throughout the U.S.
Fusion will become a viable energy source, but will not enter the scene in any large way for quite some time.
Russia will begin it's own war on terror that will dwarf that of the United States.
Oct 2012
a nuke will accidentally go off somewhere. or a nuke plant will blow up.

more mass shootings.

a 3rd party will emerge to challenge the dems and reps. (it might be the libertarians).

the queen will bequeeth the crown to charles.

US will help Russia in a small-scale operation to help take down some crazy muslims. Obama will support to help mend relations.

Israel will bomb a neighboring crazy muslim nation.

some celebrities will die at some point.
Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
Two more states will legally recognize same sex marriage. Those states will not be Texas or Utah.
Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
There is no such thing; you can pretend all you want, but a round peg fitting in a square hole still violates the laws of physics. :p
Seems like you are the one pretending.

Pretending legalities don't matter in legal status, pretending physics has something to do with law, I mean if gay people defied gravity your nonsense about laws of physics would be sound.

It seems that the illusion you are under is that there is some other force more powerful than man that can render man's laws irrelevant and has some opinion about how people select their romantic partner.

More powerful than man, huh yep laws of physics are though I am not familiar with any physicist that created a theory that homosexuality violates, feel free to enlighten me as to which law of physics is broken by same sex marriage or homosexuality.

Laws of physics having an opinion about something that doesn'thave much to do with physics, that sounds like a god concept.

Ssm doesn't violate laws of physics, it is really strictly civil. And as long as the government is pretending with me, it's all reality. Pretending that whatever the government says isn't law is frankly borderline delusional.
Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
Pretending everything the government says is true is the true delusion.
Pretending everything they say is law is indeed law is not however.

Explain how government recognition of Ssm has no effect on the ability of gay people to enter the contact of marriage?

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