What do you think about Iran?

Dec 2019
U.S. Arkansas
Bloodlines matter . I know this statement is unacceptable to some so those offended can try to enlighten me . Pit bull dogs just like to fight . They are born with this attitude . All regions on the planet where their blood lines have been kept relatively intact posses particular characteristics regardless of race . Race is not a factor but isolation is . The group in question " Iran " is known to like to cause trouble . This goes back as far as we have a history of the region . To compound the situation even worse it appears to be a common practice there to marry within ones own family . Therefore the planet has to also deal with inbreed and mentally deficient individuals that think their thinking process is just fine . The world needs to cut this region off and let it dry up in the desert . Whenever they strike out at the rest of the world " bomb them " .
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