what really happened to political fray

Oct 2012
earlier David opined the following, and was quickly rebuffed by one tecoyah:

[10-10, 15:40] tecoyah As far as being kicked out....I only remove people that are jerks after multiple warnings or Bots.

[10-10, 15:39] tecoyah This is a common situation in every forum I have been in. People always come and go for many, many reasons.

[09-10, 19:08] David I wonder what happened to all the old posters? Sure some were banned or decided to leave for whatever reason but most seemed to have simply stopped posting 1 day, never to be seen (read?) again.

So the question is begged members...what really caused the Great Recession of members here at political fray?
I invited all members past, present, lurkers to chime in here. your voice deserves to be heard.

Good day and God bless.

Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
The good old days of myp, Dirk, Obtuse and myself arguing about economics. Dirk and I getting myp to abandon Austrianism. Obtuse doing everything he could to live up to his name. Mermaid making us all smile. I could spend all day here back then.