Where were you during the 9-11 islamofascist mass murders?

Aug 2011
At the time, I was working in sweden in a suburb of stockholm. Some of the swedes in the offices came by, and said a plane had hit the world trade center. It was afternoon local time. I went to an office where there was a TV, and watch the destruction unfold. I remember that I was just sort of numb - I think I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Swedes are by nature not very emotional, but they were very upset by what they saw. I remember when driving home from work that night to my apartment, I saw a young guy with a pickup truck - he had crossed swedish and american flags on the truck as a sign of solidarity with americans. At the main subway station in downtown stockholm, they started having military men walking around with automatic weapons. It wasn't till two months later in November that it was time for me to fly back to america. It was a non-stop flight from stockholm to Ohare airport in Chicago. At the time, people were still worried about plane hijackers. I promised myself that if it happened on that plane, I would tear the face off a hijacker even if it were the last thing I ever did. The plane was full of swedish men doing business in the states - they are all very big guys. I thought if anyone DOES try anything, on this plane he's dead meat. One other thing: my gf 's cousin was a photograher with an office in a building not too far from the WTC - he saw it all.
Jul 2009
Opa Locka
I saw red but was only in the 6th grade at the time. I signed up at 17 but my eyes screwed me over and I got a medical disqualification during the physical. :(

I'd of gladly bagged me a Talib had they allowed me the waver I asked for.
Sep 2011
New England
I slept throught it...I was working second shift at the time & not getting home until 1am. I found out around 11am when I woke up.

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