Who benefits when racial hatred abounds?

Jul 2013
The acquittal of George Zimmerman is being used by the Zionist-controlled media in a blatant attempt to whip up African-American hatred against European-Americans— and they have engaged in this utterly false anti-European hate-fest as a means of diverting African-American attention away from the real cause of so many problems in black society—namely, Jewish Supremacists.
The Zionist-controlled media has deliberately created the impression among many African-Americans that Zimmerman is “white” and that the incident in Florida was just another example of “white racism.”
George Zimmerman with his Mother

The reality—as anyone who stops for a second just to look at the facts—is that Zimmerman is of mixed racial descent, and self-classifies as Hispanic.
The Zionist media however, has gone out of its way to incite hatred not against Hispanics, but European Americans.
All African-Americans should first and foremost ask the question “why” has the media deliberately misrepresented Zimmerman’s race?
The Zionist logic is quite simple: if they can get African-Americans to fight with European Americans, or get Hispanic Americans to fight with African-Americans and so on, so much the better for the Jewish Supremacist controllers whose activities get ignored in the resulting melee. It is a clear-cut case of the “divide and conquer” strategy at work.
For example, the Jewish Supremacist extremist pressure group masquerading under the name of the “Southern Poverty Law Center” issued a press release following the Zimmerman acquittal.
The statement, issued in the name of notorious Jewish Supremacist and gentile-hater Richard Cohen, President and CEO of the SPLC, claimed that “Racial bias reverberates in our society like the primordial Big Bang . . . The jury has spoken. Now, we must speak out against the racial bias that still infects our society and distorts our perception of the world.”

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