Who kills more people: USA or "terrorists"?

Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
"It was in the early days of the fighting in Vietnam that a Vietcong officer said to his American prisoner: "You were our heroes after the War. We read American books and saw American films, and a common phrase in those days was 'to be as rich and as wise as an American'. What happened?"

An American might have been asked something similar by a Guatemalan, an Indonesian or a Cuban during the ten years previous, or by a Uruguayan, a Chilean or a Greek in the decade subsequent. The remarkable international goodwill and credibility enjoyed by the United States at the close of the Second World War was dissipated country by country, intervention by intervention."

---William Blum
Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
Who killed more is simply not the question!

WHO DESERVED TO DIE MORE IS THE QUESTION. And those killed by the U.S. hand a MUCH higher percentage of being deserving!!! - hello?!
Yeah, yeah, like all those women and children at weddings US forces delight in blowing to pieces! --- :bomb:

Got any more gems of wisdom that Nazi SS officers might have said during World War II?
Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
Vietnam was the US trying to save the French colonial Empire. The Vietnamese came to the US asking for aid (after making a big deal about being anti-Imperialism) and we told them to **** off. Then they went to the Soviets (who made similar claims after WW2) and got money, equipment, weapons and trainers to actually help them win independence. The US then went "OMG, Reds everywhere!" and preceded to blow the whole place up with napalm.

The hilarious thing about it all is once the war was over the Vietnamese, who weren't ever Communists, beat up the Chinese, overthrew Pol Pot and reopened trade with the US. That whole war was American leadership being too stuck up it's own ass to recognize allies that weren't white and/or buying weapons. They couldn't recognize enemies that were buying american tech either.

The Cold War was white supremacy and capitalism run amok.
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