Why do atheists believe in magic?

Oct 7, 2012
It seems very clear to me at least that stating tecoyah et al indicates tecoyah and others. If by chance my explaining that NOT being able to understand this is an insult I suggest getting testicle seeds and attempting to grow them.

you seem unable to understand that he may have not misunderstood.

If I consistently addressed you "dearly beloved leader" instead of "admin", or "mod", or tecoyah. you may know the meaning of the words "dearly beloved leader", but may not know the reason or context for their use in the particular situation.

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Aug 27, 2010
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Why do atheists believe in magic?

pingpong, et al,

While it may be the case that "some" atheists believe in "magic," that is not to say that there is some latent framework that compels atheists to establishes a (non-objective) relationship with some supernatural entity that was the Ultimate Cosmic Creator (UCC).

It seems like atheists want me to believe that the universe just magically appeared. This is a hillarious theory which most people laugh at. The universe is just too balanced and too orderly.

Philosophically, atheist do not care, one way or the other, about the influence of the supernatural on scientific inquiry or discovery. The scientific process is objective:

  1. Make observations.
  2. Propose a hypothesis.
  3. Design and perform an experiment to test the hypothesis.
  4. Analyze your data to determine whether to accept or reject the hypothesis.
  5. If necessary, propose and test a new hypothesis.
The process is clean. The process does not have a supernatural component.

Most Respectfully,

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