Why Is Technology So Unreliable??? (A Peeve)

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
Anyone else find this to be a basic truism too, or is it just me???

My credit card was compromised. I was trying to continue using same card, keeping an eye on charges, believing a false attempted charge was a so-called "one off".

But my CC company (of 25 years, I might add) would not let me do it. The INSISTED the only way is to send me a new card w/ new number. :mad: I hate the hassle of changing numbers! :mad:

Anywho, I get new card(s), and go to activate online. The process stops after hitting the ACTIVATE button with a blank white screen that just sits there. :confused: I try a 2nd time, same thing.

So I try texting instead, what the tell me to say, and where to send it to, only to get a message that says I must download their so-called APP to do it. Not wanting to clog my phone with yet another APP, I decline.

So i call by phone instead. At the end, the recording says "say TEXT or E-Mail for how you want your confirmation sent". So I say TEXT. It can't understand me. So I say TEXT a couple more times. Still no go.

So I hang up all frustrated by stupid technology.

Sep 2018
Atlanta area
I download a new APP for a media player for my laptop, in the hopes of being able to Chromecast videos to TV, that were transferred from legacy camcorder technology (tape) to my laptop (& DVD for backup).

After downloading APP, I discovered that I would have to pay $2.49 for the ability to Chromecast to TV (no big deal!). However, when I went to actually Chromecast to TV, it would just swirl and swirl the little circle of dots, saying "connecting to Chromecast", but NEVER fully connects. :confused:

I know it is at least communicating with Chromecast device, as a little blue Chromecast symbol appears on TV screen immediately upon initializing the event.

So now I have Microsoft tech support on the case.

Sep 2018
Atlanta area
This post could EASILY be placed in the EXTREME PEEVE thread, but I'll put it here.

I was peeved at my old cell phone for doing this, and now I find my new one has the same dumbass anomaly!!! :mad:

I HATE it when I get a call, and I go to answer it, and an UNWANTED screen is up, and I can't get rid of it (at least not in time) to expose phone screen to answer call!!! :rolleyes:

Senator Lindsey Graham was apparently PISSED at his cell phone too! :D

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