Will We the People be Finally the Ones who Say No in 2019?

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
If you are like me and many others who want to know what we can do this year to stop the mess that is going on in Washington, D. C. before it completely destroys us as a nation, Then it is absolutely imperative you read the article entitled, “2019: The Year We The People Say No More”, written by Devvy Kidd, a writer for Newswithviews.com. Since it is rather lengthy and will not fit within the space allowed in this forum I am submitting the following link so you can do so at your leisure:


After reading it please pass it on to others so they will be informed also. The time is short and our nation is already spilling over the edge. If something isn’t done very soon our nation and its way of life with all its wonderful Christian principles will disappear forever and we will become a bunch of salves and misguided souls.

In fact I ask you now—do we want to resort to bloodshed to stop this menacing evil (and if will definitely come to this) or would we rather do it without violence trying to prove in this instance that the pen and voice are mightier than the sword. The choice is yours America and you need to make that choice NOW!
Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
In fact I ask you now—do we want to resort to bloodshed to stop this menacing evil (and if will definitely come to this)
It will, unfortunately. Political violence is already a thing, right wing militias have already clashed with government forces, the left is becoming militant as well and after the joke of an election in Florida and Georgia with smaller scale but no less scandalous election hijinks happening elsewhere, faith in democracy is at an all time low. The only reason shit hasn't already hit the fan is becuase Americans are too rich to risk it. That will change with a recession and as someone in a canary industry, I can say from the proverbial grave that recession is upon us though it'll be another 6 months (2 consecutive quarters of decline) before it's officially acknowledged by the government. Once people start losing their jobs and governments cut social services (already happening in some states such as Kansas) people will finally snap in sufficient numbers for the powder keg to go up.

Now the scale of this, I can't say. Could be mass, quasi-organized rioting, isolated but organized and effective insurgency or outright civil war. That will depend on how many people take up arms when the time comes and what the military/state governments do.