World No Tobacco Day

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
The World Health Organization marks May 31st as the World No Tobacco Day. This year's theme is, "Tobacco and heart disease". WNTD 2018 will be focused on how tobacco consumption is an important factor affecting heart disease risk. A WHO report reveals that 12% of cardiovascular disease-related deaths were attributed to smoking, active or passive. And it is not just your heart; tobacco consumption can take a very negative toll on your overall health in a number of ways. Tobacco is consumed in a number of ways; smoking cigarettes, hookah, cigars, and chewing or 'dipping' tobacco. Cigarette smoking is the most common form of tobacco consumption. While everyone knows that tobacco consumption can be fatal, in some cases, it may not necessarily kill you. Sometimes, tobacco consumption may place you at a higher risk of serious diseases.


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