Zero casualties in Iranian missile strikes?

Jun 2013
1. In a televised address from the White House on January 8, Trump claimed that Iran "appears to be standing down" after it fired missiles at US air bases in Iraq. He said no US or Iraqi lives were lost in the attacks and the bases suffered only minimal damage.

2. Iranian FM Javad Zarif said the advance notice was provided to the Iraqi government, citing respect for Iraqi sovereignty. Iraq told the US, giving time to get people out of the way of the attack.

3. In short, the Trump administration is claiming the following:

(a) Iran's strike at air bases housing US forces in Iraq was meant to avoid casualties.

(b) Iran gave advance notice of missile attacks on the US.

In other words, the Trump administration claimed that the missiles were sent with the intent of not doing serious harm, but merely to create the illusion Iran was retaliating. However, the claim was refuted by Iran's admission early Saturday that it had unintentionally shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet.

Trump could claim zero casualties more convincingly by spinning a more exciting tale of the "The Arabian Nights' Entertainment" that more than a dozen flying carpets instead of missiles had rained down on the US air bases. It needs pinpoint accuracy to attain zero casualties and minimal damage in missile attacks. It is akin to shooting arrows at apples on the heads of people in a large crowd. Nobody can guarantee zero casualties in an explosion caused by a missile strike. The accidental downing of the Ukrainian passenger jet shows that the Iranian armed forces have no pinpoint control of the missiles.

Secondly, if Iran really wanted to give the US advance notice of the missile strikes they could have done it in a rational and safer way by warning all airlines to keep away from its airspace for a specified period of time on that day.

Thirdly, why should Iran warn its enemy that it was planning an imminent attack? Won't Iran be afraid of a surgical air strike if the US got advance warning of the missile strikes?

Fourthly, the "intelligence" cited by Mike Pence that Iran had asked its allied militias not to attack US targets could be a ruse or disinformation by Iran to catch the US off guard.

Lastly, thanks to the greatest US President ever, it seemed inconceivable for the military personnel of the world's sole superpower to scramble like rats into hardened bunkers for safety without trying to knock out all the missile sites if they knew the imminent attack beforehand. The truth will be out if the Trump administration opens the damaged air bases to strong media and opposition scrutiny. :)
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