1. Ralph47

    Bill Richardson

    Have you seen Bill Richardson on TV lately? He looks like DEATH warmed over! :o
  2. Ralph47

    Tax Bill: Get Ready For An Awesome Economy!

    :D:D:D "There may be disagreements on the numerical effects, but the principle has worked in the past (JFK and Reagan) and will work in the future. A 20 percent corporate tax rate, immediate full expensing, repatriation of U.S. corporate cash overseas, and a 23 percent discount for...
  3. Protectionist

    Immigration Amnesty Bill - Makes Us LESS Safe

    The union of workers who do the screening of new immigrants, fears the Senate Amnesty bill is likely to force rubberstamping dangerous applicants. Actually, rubberstamping has been going on for years, while USCIS workers are often unable to keep up with the torrent of immigrants flowing in...
  4. Protectionist

    Immigration Bill = 1945 US Surrender to Japan

    If the USA had surrendered to Japan in World War II, that would be the equivalent of the immigration bill that deranged members of the US Congress are getting ready to vote in favor of. The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens in America are Mexican, and its no accident that they are...
  5. chris7375

    Feinstein's Bill exempts Government Officials.

    It would seem that Feinstein is ok with only certain people being able to have those assault weapons. It would seem that Government Law officials are exempt from the bill which we all knew would happen. Though the exemption also includes retired law enforcement officials as well. They no long...
  6. myp

    Great ape bill to stop invasive research on Great apes

    How does everyone here feel about this bill to stop invasive research on Great apes?
  7. myp

    NJ Assembly passes gay marriage bill- goes to Christie

    The New Jersey Assembly voted in favor of legalizing gay marriage in the state, sending the bill to Governor Christie now. The Governor has previously promised he would veto and likely will.
  8. Comet

    Washington Senate approves bill to legalize gay marriage

    I could not be more happy for Washington. Good job. Assuming this passes the House, which it should, that will be seven down and forty-three to go. Read more:
  9. myp

    Boehner bill passes House- now onto the Senate

    The revised Boehner bill passed the House and now heads to the Senate where Harry Reid will now decide on voting it through with compromises or putting it aside and voting on his own bill. The madness isn't over just yet :p...
  10. David

    Dems almost trick TP into passing joke bill.

    The TP bill was total politicking and would have completely undone every social gain made in the last century, would have massively cut taxes for the rich and would have effectively defended the gov't. Deciding to be evil the Dems changed their vote from 'no' to 'present' at the last minuet...
  11. myp

    GAO proposes eliminating $1 bill

    Just an amusing story I ran across today: Apparently switching to a $1 coin could save us some money. Probably wouldn't be long before the metal outvalues the coin though....
  12. obtuseobserver

    Texas Sonogram Bill

    The House passed a bill requiring mothers to view sonograhic images before having an abortion. Thought it would be interesting to see what the people at would say in the comments sections of articles on the bill. [COLOR=#800080] Short...
  13. myp

    Republicans propose a bill forcing the Fed to ditch the duel mandate

    Some Republicans have proposed a bill to get rid of the Fed's dual mandate of price stability and full employment and switching it with a sole focus on price stability. ...and this is why I would rather have the GOP in office- at least they...
  14. obtuseobserver

    Bill of Rights, Fourteenth Amendment and The Doctrine of Selective Incorporation: A T

    [FONT=Times New Roman] Bill of Rights, Fourteenth Amendment and The Doctrine of Selective Incorporation: A Thumbnail. [FONT=Times New Roman] [FONT=Times New Roman] [FONT=Times New Roman] The [FONT=Times New Roman] Bill of Rights [FONT=Times New Roman] as we all know is the...
  15. E

    Childrens' Lunch Bill Clears Senate Panel - Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

    Source: When I was at school, I always wondered specifically why in orientations, cafeteria staff always talked about buying healthy yet they serve us junk. I don't get why they aren't just banning junk food like they...
  16. myp

    President Obama pledges energy bill push amidst BP spill talk

    As BP continues to deal with the oil spill in the gulf, pressure has increased for both the company as well as the White House. Today, President Obama pledged to push an energy bill that would reduce tax breaks for oil companies among other things. He also stressed clean energy alternatives as...
  17. myp

    Dem. Mark Critz runs on platform of opposing health care bill

    Democrat Mark Critz, who is running in the special election to fill Rep. Murtha's seat, is branding himself as an opponent of the recently passed health care bill. The following advertisement might be surprising to some as the district he is running in has many blue collar Democrats. It is not...
  18. deanhills

    Obama cancels trip to Indonesia to work on Health Care Reform Bill

    I wonder how many other activities have been cancelled by Obama so that he can work on the Healthcare Reform Bill. Surely there has to be a greater balance as this has to be getting to the point of negligence. The majority of the population have already let him know that the Reform Bill in its...
  19. dave

    You can't see the bill until its passed

    If you thought politicians were stupid, watch Pelosi in this: That was a prepared remark which you can find on her web site:
  20. myp

    Jobs bill includes renewal of Patriot Act

    The "jobs" bill which is currently being pushed in Washington includes a provision that would extend the Patriot Act, the bill that the left destroyed Republicans for. As someone who is a big believer in freedom, I naturally oppose the Patriot Act and see it as an unnecessary infringement into...