1. Calvin

    PM Harper Visits China

    So Prime Minister Stephen Harper has now told Hu Jintao that Canada will not sweep human rights concerns under the rug for better trade with China, and that China is expected to be a responsible global citizen. Its being called Panda Politics. How to deal with China, to do business with...
  2. myp

    India looks to defense upgrades to help on China border

    India is looking to make some defense upgrades to it's army as it tries to strengthen its position on a disputed border with China. source: Thoughts?
  3. N

    US disgusted by Russia, China's veto ... Just like most UN members are disgusted by US's routine veto on any UN resolution that exposes Israel's atrocities on Palestinians. Mistress has free pass for everything. US is disgusted by Russia...
  4. DodgeFB

    Lawmakers scrutinize US foreign aid to China

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans and Democrats are criticizing the U.S. government's development agency for providing aid to Washington's main foreign creditor, China. The House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia on Tuesday is putting under the microscope a $4 million tranche of proposed...
  5. C

    Pentagon Warns China's Military Is Growing Rapidly

    [SIZE="3"]Pentagon Warns China's Military Is Growing Rapidly Published August 24, 2011 | Associated Press LINK AND VIDEO: [COLOR="Blue"]WASHINGTON ? Bolstered by the development of a new...
  6. B

    GE snubs U.S., sells technology to China

    GE snubs U.S., sells technology to China As reported by the Washington Post, General Electric (GE) has entered into a contract with China's state-owned aviation industry to provide advanced technology for their aircraft. And while GE insists it's taking precautions to make sure the technology...
  7. M

    Ever wonder why communist preserved in China?

    [FONT=Times New Roman] ----Please note that all the things describe here are definitely doable, which you can refer to professional psychologist to verify. And In order to prevent copycat, I deliberately omited some details. [FONT=Times New Roman] Well, to see the whole picture, we need go...
  8. DodgeFB

    China Ends America's Century Old Manufacturing Dominance

    According to Peter Gorenstein Ending a 110-year run for America as the world's dominant produce, China has overtaken the United States as the world's largest producer of goods. According to economics research firm IHS Global...
  9. E

    India, China, unemployment and the financial crisis

    I suppose this should go here, but I really do not think of it as conspiracy. So, here goes. We know that HP dumped 30,000 jobs in the US and moved them to China and India. That is fact. To move jobs to China, a company must train personnel, construct a location to conduct the business...
  10. myp

    The potential end of cheap made-in China

    China has seen a few major strikes in the past two months that could mean an end to cheap "made-in China" products for consumers around the world. With workers demanding a greater share of profits, the cost of goods is likely to go up. For those in the United States, China's change in monetary...
  11. David

    China to outlaw dog/cat eating? About damned time. The idea is repulsive.
  12. deanhills

    China finds 170 more tons of tainted milk powder

    This has to be the worst nightmare. Chinese charlatans repackaging milk that is tainted for sale. All the reason for watching out when one buys any of the Chinese packaged food that is being imported. What one thinks one is buying, may not necessarily be the same thing. Source: Yahoo!News
  13. myp

    Dalai Lama to visit Washington despite China's opposition

    Despite escalating China-US tensions of late, the White House has confirmed that the Dalai Lama will be visiting Washington later this month. Beijing has been protesting the potential meeting, but it looks like it will be happening anyway. An interesting development and one that can certainly...
  14. myp

    Google to consider terminating operations in China

    Google is considering pulling out of China after they discovered highly-sophisticated attacks on Gmail accounts of human rights activists coming from within China as well as attacks on several other corporations. The company is still investigating and has not officially said that the Chinese...
  15. myp

    Is there a credit bubble in China?

    There has been a lot of talk recently about a Chinese credit bubble and some have predicted that the collapse is going to be very bad. The Chinese government does seem aware of the talk and they have started to act on it (in fact, just today they restricted banks' lending abilities.) How does...
  16. JustHatched

    Jobs in America

    With all the talk of jobs going to other countries and the current recession, if you had the power to make all the changes to the country to resolve this issue what would you do? I would put a huge tariff/tax on the Chinese (or any other country) imports of all that cheap plastic stuff that we...
  17. deanhills

    Obama's Visit to China - any meaningful developments from it?

    What do you think has been achieved by Obama's visit to China? I can't see anything changing, although Obama probably is hoping for some goodwill between the two countries, but it looks like China is passing the United States as the stronger one in terms of economy, especially when it is making...
  18. Delta

    China a threat... what about N. Korea?

    So as you may know, North Korea fired a rocket recently that potentially has the ability to carry nuclear warheads as far as Hawaii. I guess this has got the UN in quite a panic. Apparently Kim is looking for a war: I wouldn't be surprised if I see WWIII before my life is over. What's with...
  19. O

    How much of a threat is China?

    It seems like they are getting bolder and bolder by the day. Yesterday, they harrased one of our intelligence international waters! Look the pictures, too it's blatantly obvious what they did. And Chinese...