1. myp

    Get rid of paper money barrier to let the Fed go negative?

    Interesting idea: Quartz #5-->How Subordinating Paper Currency to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation
  2. andrew320

    Should the U.S. eventually abolish the Fed?

    Although it claims to be an independent agency, it has certainly become politicized (how else would the U.S. have a $16 trillion national debt and a trillion-dollar-plus budget deficit?) With that being said, should the U.S. move towards ending the Federal Reserve System? It hasn't done...
  3. myp

    Fed meeting in 2 days - predictions?

    It is going to be interesting in 2 days when the Fed has its next scheduled meeting. Things for a couple of weeks seemed like they would stick to what is currently being run due to optimism on the part of the Fed. Recent news, however, has turned that sentiment and the market seems to be...
  4. myp

    Romney win would change little at the Fed in short term

    An analysis suggests that a Romney presidency might not change much at the Fed in the short run. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/01/us-usa-fed-romney-idUSBRE8300D420120401
  5. David

    Congress unanimously -3 outlaws protesting Fed Gov't!

    http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120301/15425317936/chipping-away-first-amendment-new-trespassing-bill-could-be-used-to-criminalize-legitimate-protests.shtml So booing Santorum will get you a year in jail, do it with a pocket knife in your pocket and you're looking at a decade. :mad:
  6. myp

    Fed to keep rates low through 2014, considers further stimulus

    The Fed pushed back its expected date of increasing near-zero rates to late 2014 as they expressed caution about the recent signs of potential recovery. Bernanke also said that they will be considering further bond purchases (quantitative easing) as core inflation remains below 2 percent...
  7. myp

    Should the Fed have charged interest on its Morgan Stanley save?

    Brad Delong argues that the Fed should have charged interest on its huge lending to Morgan Stanley in September 2008 just as the government did with TARP. The argument is a sensible one (if you are for such actions by the Fed)...
  8. myp

    What should the Fed mandate be?

    Say you had your optimal system in place for Fed goals. What would it be? Would you stick with the current dual mandate (targeting full employment and price stability) or would you change it to something else? Perhaps the growing idea of ngdp targeting? Also, feel free to include systemic...
  9. myp

    In latest statement, Fed revises expectations downward

    After their Nov 2nd meeting, the Federal Reserve released a statement very similar to that from their last meeting, except for some brighter semantics and worse expectations. The central bank now expects unemployment to remain above 8% into 2013.
  10. myp

    Operation Twist confirmed- Fed goes long

    The rumors of Operation Twist have come true as the Fed will be buying $400 billion of long-term (6 to 30 year maturities) bonds to put downward pressure on long-term rates. They will sell $400 billion of short-term debt to keep their balance sheet (short-term at least) at the same level...
  11. myp

    Fed mulls further stimulus

    The Federal Reserve will consider more stimulus, most likely in the form of further QE, as economic outlook continues to look bad. Meanwhile, President Obama has suggested a $400 billion+ stimulus plan on the fiscal end. source...
  12. myp

    Bernanke says Fed ready to act

    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is at it again, saying that the Fed is ready to act with more stimulus in order to counter a weakening economy, only a few weeks after QE2 ended and the Fed insisted it was done. The easy money will continue to flow it seems...
  13. myp

    Fed's Hoenig calls it like it is- big banks are government backed

    source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/12/fed-hoenig-idUSN1216806220110412 Once more Thomas Hoenig is one of the only sane voices in the Fed, making a public statement that the big banks are essentially government sponsored enterprises and should be treated as such. Personally, I'd...
  14. myp

    Bernanke: more Fed easing possible

    In an interview that aired on 60 minutes tonight, Ben Bernanke said that easing beyond the $600 billion of QE2 is possible in response to weak employment numbers. You can read a lot of the interview here...
  15. myp

    Republicans propose a bill forcing the Fed to ditch the duel mandate

    Some Republicans have proposed a bill to get rid of the Fed's dual mandate of price stability and full employment and switching it with a sole focus on price stability. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6AF49F20101116 ...and this is why I would rather have the GOP in office- at least they...
  16. myp

    How long until the Fed becomes the number 1 buyer of American debt?

    After a treasury auction earlier this month, the Fed became the 2nd largest holder of US debt after China. It is only a matter of time before it surpasses China and becomes the number one holder of American debt. It truly amazes me how little people talk about this or care about this- perhaps...
  17. L

    Shut Down the Federal Reserve?

    Are the fraud allegations from the article urging to Shut Down the Federal Reserve accurate? Why is there so little education about the Federal Reserve in the media, schools and universities? Why is the Government Accountability Office not allowed a full audit of the Federal Reserve? The...
  18. deanhills

    Fed up with your country? Create your own!

    Thought this was an interesting article in Yahoo!News:
  19. myp

    Fed will be forced to reveal certain bailout documents

    The United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Federal Reserve would be required to release details on emergency lending to the financial sector beginning in late 2007. Media outlets Bloomberg and Newscorp-owned Fox wanted the information released as per the Freedom of...
  20. myp

    Geithner's New York Fed told AIG to withhold information

    A watchdog report released today shows that Timothy Geithner, former head of the Federal Reserve bank in New York, told AIG to withhold certain information which has led to billions more being giving to the corporation in bailouts...