1. S

    Parliamentary votes of confidence?

    Parliamentary votes of confidence? What questions identify questions of confidence for a current parliamentary government? What determines a vote of confidence in parliamentary systems of government? Surly the prime minister is not bound to call for a national general election whenever any...
  2. David

    Government Shutdown

    US shutdown: Senate in bid to end impasse - BBC News This is getting out of hand...
  3. N

    Peace, order and good government

    PEACE, ORDER AND GOOD GOVERNMENT Hmmph....It seems to me that the childish self-absorption and anarchy which has devolved from American "life, liberty and (a supposed) pursuit of happiness" is harmful to both life and the pursuit of happiness --- and even, ultimately, to liberty. I think...
  4. P

    Should the public be given further say, or should we trust our government?

    Whether you voted for remain or leave, the handling of the Brexit campaign was undeniably quite poor. Misinformation was present on both sides which makes one question whether it was truly the right decision to leave the result up to the public. Despite such an important decision being left...
  5. F

    Does good government represent?

    Is it the obligation of a government to provide representation to the people under its charge? even to those who support it and helped to bring it into power? i don't think so!! Do you??
  6. myp

    Why the government can run deficits forever

    Explained simply and well. A lot more detail we can go into, but this is the basic reason why it works. Why Don?t Republicans Love Deficits Anymore? - Bloomberg
  7. chris7375

    Feinstein's Bill exempts Government Officials.

    It would seem that Feinstein is ok with only certain people being able to have those assault weapons. It would seem that Government Law officials are exempt from the bill which we all knew would happen. Though the exemption also includes retired law enforcement officials as well. They no long...
  8. myp

    Government spending data and statistics

    Good post by Nate Silver on the growth of government spending and various breakdowns of the data:
  9. andrew320

    What's more efficient: charity or government welfare?

    A few months ago, I read a very interesting study that looked at how charities are far more efficient than government when it comes to administrative costs. As I have suspected since my days at high school, charities distribute their funds to the needy far better than government. The study...
  10. Road Warrior

    Greetings from North Texas!

    Hello, all! I'm new to Political Fray, but not to online forums. Currently looking for a new nest since the one I've been frequenting lately has become fouled with name-calling, flaming and other less-than-desirable traits. Allow me a short introduction; I'm retired military but still...
  11. myp

    Should the Federal government offer starter savings accounts (inflation protected)?

    Basically the interest rate would change based on CPI change year-to-year and there would be a cap on how much each individual can put into the account. The goal is to allow those most hurt by inflation to protect against it.
  12. O

    Politics and Government

    Hey! You want to read more about opinions, advice and tips about politics?
  13. K

    Psychopath Screening: Excluding Psychopaths from Government

    Many instances of corruption and crime in government and society can be attributed to psychopathic individuals. 9/11, Watergate, and similar historical events, for example. We now have the capacity to understand the significant benefits of excluding such individuals from social institutions...
  14. M

    Modern day Definition of Democracy: ''Government of the Rich; For the Rich

    Abraham Lincoln got a bullet in his skull by chanting democracy as “government of the people for the people and by the people.” Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated due to demanding the rights of the people. Gandhi and Liaqat Ali Khan were murdered brutally due to their uncompromising...
  15. Comet

    Open government watchdog names Justice Department as most secretive agency

    The Justice Department won the annual Rosemary Award, named after Nixon's secretary. Rose Mary Woods, who infamously erased almost twenty minutes of tape regarding the Watergate scandal. Congratulations? Maybe not. Read more...
  16. myp

    Banks settle with government to give $25 billion towards homeowner assistance

    Five banks have settled with the Federal government in a case with the government over fraudulent foreclosure policies and other mortgage policies. source: Thoughts?
  17. myp

    Gingrich calls for moon base and increased government prizes for innovation

    Newt wants to build the first permanent base on the moon by the end of his second term (assuming he gets that far :p). He also wants to increase government prizes for private sector innovation, something that Obama has also supported...
  18. P

    Deconstructing Government: FEMA

    The proper role of FEMA imo is to protect people and to an extent property immediately before, during, and immediately after a disastrous event, usually a weather event. I disagreed with FEMA providing tens of thousands of trailers for people to loive in years after Katrina. And that was for...
  19. P

    Deconstructing Government: amtrak

    That turkey costs taxpayers a billion dollars a year in subsidies, for which they get an obsolete form of transportation on a few well-traveled corridors, plus lots of underutilized routes where nobody wants to ride. Time to perform a mercy-killing on that waste of money.
  20. P

    Deconstructing Government: the FCC

    The federal communications commission came into existence when there was only one electronic mass medium: radio. With the technology of the day, there were few information channels. Now there are thousands, of many kinds. The leftwing has tried endlessly to use the FCC for political purposes...