1. Ralph47

    Doh! FBI Agent Dance Moves Fire Gun Into Crowd!

  2. N

    Canadian gun control: Should the united states look north for a solution to its firea

  3. N

    Canadian Gun Control--Should the USA Look North for a Solution?

  4. arcturus88

    executive action and gun control

    king obama is holding court and has a royal edict to limit weapons. he's not negotiating with congress he's just doing it, because he's king. the hasn't a clue how to negotiate. ok agree , disagree?
  5. Polydectes

    A gun the NRA doesn't want you to have

    I was appalled at the NRA when I saw this story and I am a life time member. Basically this pistol has a digital component that won't allow the gun to be fired if it isn'tin the hands ofthe owner. The owner wears a watch that signals in proximity to the pistol allowing itto fire. I have a...
  6. Protectionist

    Zimmerman NEEDED to Carry Gun - Here's Why!!!

    Want to know why George Zimmerman absolutely needed to be armed with a gun while doing his rounds at his housing complex ? Well, just what happened with Trayvon Martin might be proof enough. But for those still not convinced, CLICK THIS AWESOME LINK and take a look at the list of 295...
  7. E

    All Gun Control Laws Are For Law Abiding Citizens And Not Lawless Criminals

    ---Obama wants to find a way to take away our guns from law abiding, gun owning American citizens. All laws for gun control is not to stop lawless criminals from their lawless shooting and murdering episodes. For these criminals will disobey any and every gun control law to do their evil deeds...
  8. chris7375

    Holder Supporting Gun Control

    It would seem the whole Administration is out pushing the gun control issue. Holder is trying to show his support by implementing the EO directed at his department. Though he will be showing his support by also supporting Feinstein's bill.
  9. chris7375

    Dems may not have the votes to pass the gun ban

    It would seem that some Dems are skeptical of the ban Feinstein is proposing. The ban includes 2200 Hunting and sporting rifles. If they don't muster the votes the bill could be dead in the water...
  10. chris7375

    Biden to take Gun Control on the road.

    Biden is now heading on the road to help Bolster support for gun control. His first stop is Virginia. Obam is said to soon be following him though his destinations have not been announced...
  11. chris7375

    Gun Ban detailed includes a lot of guns.

    It may be that each of us own now an illegal gun if this bill passes. I would have to say I would have 2 that are at this point considered illegal by Feinstein's bill. The bill includes a lot of gun more then I thought it would. Handguns does not seem to be defined though I am not sure if it...
  12. S

    Gun politics racist and disgusting

    We even have Juan Williams claiming there is race involved in those that do not want to see their 2nd amendment rights restricted. That those opposers of 'reasonable legislation' center in the US south, I believe Obama once referred to them as those that "cling to their guns and bibles." Where...
  13. chris7375

    Piers Morgan Debates another Pro Gun person.

    Well I must admit that Alex Jones was really not so much of a debate rather then a angry person ranting. This debate however has far more substance and I think Piers makes himself look really bad though that is my opinion. Piers debates Ben Shapiro. Be warned the video is about 15 minutes long...
  14. myp

    White House considers gun legislation

    The White House is considering pushing several changes including more background checks, weapons tracking, and mental health checks. On the executive branch side, there might be some quicker changes that don't require Congressional approval...
  15. chris7375

    CT Lawmakers want to release Gun Owners names.

    Lawmakers in Connecticut want to make public all registered gun owners names. I guess privacy may be going out the window.
  16. chris7375

    NY County Paper tries to Get Gun Owners Names.

    Another paper trying to release the name and addresses of gun owners with permits. Though the county clerk will not release them.
  17. chris7375

    Newspaper Hires Armed Guards after outing Gun owners.

    The Journal News has hired a private security agency with armed guards to stand guard at there headquarters. They did this in response to negative emails and calls over an article publishing every registered gun owners name in the paper. Has anyone told them that the Private Security officers...
  18. chris7375

    Gun Owners will be criminals in Illinois.

    If this bill passes many other states will follow suit. There will only be a few that will not be able to pass such a regulation against gun owners. I am glad I live in one of them.
  19. chris7375

    Gun Ranges to be regulated in Illinois

    This is just the start unfortunately.
  20. chris7375

    Piers Morgan say he will leave if gun laws are not Changed.

    Well the only thing I can say is bye-bye. It is our right to bear and own firearms. If you don't like it then don't let the door hit you in the butt.