1. Fitz

    Here’s a sword, General Kelly. Use it on the White House lies.

    What do you think of Kelly and his chances of success? How does he attempt to find someone that can stamp down on the alice in wonderland tweets and help Trump span that mental bridge from lies to reality?
  2. C

    White House gender pay gap more than triples under Trump

    The pay gap between male and female White House staffers has more than tripled in the first year of the Trump administration, according to an analysis by economist Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. The current Trump pay gap is considerably higher than...
  3. C

    White House did NOT say sorry to Britain for claiming its spies wiretapped Trump

    NO apology and NO regrets: Now Sean Spicer says White House did NOT say sorry to Britain for claiming its spies wiretapped Trump - despite UK ambassador confronting him over it
  4. C

    White House asked FBI to deny reports linking Russia and Trump advisers

    Chief of staff Reince Priebus accused of violating protocols that protect pending investigations from political interference. Donald Trump’s chief of staff asked the FBI to deny media reports that campaign advisers were frequently in touch with Russian intelligence agents during the election...
  5. myp

    Cheaper to house the homeless than not?

    Wouldn't be surprising if more data is collected that shows the same sort of conclusion: It's three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets - Vox
  6. myp

    White House considers gun legislation

    The White House is considering pushing several changes including more background checks, weapons tracking, and mental health checks. On the executive branch side, there might be some quicker changes that don't require Congressional approval...
  7. E

    House Speaker Boehner Hold the line

    do not Give in to Obama Bullying, let him blink or let the cuts take affect, if they do or if they dont. Obama has to come to you for Money first part of the Year,give him vary little till he makes some concessions make him have the upper hand in this use it to your advantage do not cave
  8. myp

    Should the House be expanded?

    I have been wondering this lately. As the population gets bigger, it would only make sense to increase the number of districts and representatives (although I fear who gets to be in charge of the districting). With technology the way it is, we can easily facilitate more Congressman with more...
  9. myp

    House votes to repeal ACA

    In the 33rd attempt, the House passed a repeal of the ACA, aka "Obamacare". The move is just a gesture though because it will never see the floor in the Senate where it heads next.
  10. mogur

    13-Year-Old Chelsea Clinton As The "White House Dog"

    As reported by the late columnist Molly Ivins, during an episode of his television show in the early years of the Clinton administration, Limbaugh "put up a picture of Socks, the White House cat, and asked, 'Did you know there's a White House dog?' Then he put up a picture of Chelsea Clinton...
  11. myp

    House Republicans ask for $260 billion in infrastructure spending

    House Republicans are looking to pass a infrastructure bill that will increase funds for infrastructure projects for the next 5 years in what is touted as pro-job (ironically) legislation.
  12. myp

    House votes in favor of easing immigration laws for highly skilled workers

    With overwhelming support the House of Representatives voted yes on legislation that would make it easier for more highly skilled workers such as engineers to come to the US by removing existing caps on such immigration from various countries...
  13. myp

    Boehner bill passes House- now onto the Senate

    The revised Boehner bill passed the House and now heads to the Senate where Harry Reid will now decide on voting it through with compromises or putting it aside and voting on his own bill. The madness isn't over just yet :p...
  14. myp

    White House releases 30 million barrels of oil from reserves

    In an effort to bring down prices, the White House issued an order to sell 30 million barrels of oil from the US reserves. So far, prices have certainly taken a hit with crude at ~$92 and Brent at ~$108. Strategic move or political? I'll put my money on the latter.
  15. C

    Dem admits Obama and Pelosi focus on healthcare over economy cost Dems the House

    HEADLINE: Dem admits Obama and Pelosi focus on healthcare over economy cost Dems the House OVERVIEW: A prominent Democrat is openly admitting that Obama and Pelosi ruined the Dems' chances of keeping the House with their insistence on focusing on healthcare over the economy. LINK...
  16. myp

    White House proposes $3.8 Trillion 2011 budget

    The White House has proposed a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011. The proposal includes several tax hikes, primarily through letting the Bush tax cuts expire, but it will still add to the national debt significantly. Thoughts? full story...
  17. C

    Computer Head in 'da House!!!

    Hey Y'all I'm Computer Head (CH for short). I'm an instructional assistant by day, superhero webmaster by night. My hobbies include working on computers, helping others, and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.
  18. myp

    HR3962 passes in the House

    HR3962 passed in the House a couple of hours ago with 220 votes. The bill establishes mandates on healthcare coverage and has been something the Democrats have been fighting for for the past few months. The abortion coverage was taken out after an amendment that would remove it was passed. The...
  19. myp

    White House not willing to compromise on the healthcare bill?

    This is a very interesting and also very scary clip from CNN concerning a possible plan of the Obamacare supporters that could ram through the bill, even with a public option: 3YGvV3H__ac If this goes through then once again, Obama will have said one thing (at the town hall meetings) and done...
  20. myp

    Cap and trade passes in the House

    I am really not very happy about this- the cap and trade legislation passed in the House yesterday by a razor thin margin of 219-211. 44 Democrats voted no and only 9 Republicans voted yes. Sadly, if those Republicans voted no, it would've failed. Now, the debate moves to the Senate, where I...