1. Ralph47

    Loons Lorde and Rosanne Feud Over Israel

    Jewish American actress and comedian Roseanne Barr took aim at 21-year-old New Zealand pop star Lorde on Monday, blasting the singer over her decision Sunday to cancel an upcoming show in Israel.
  2. F

    While Israel chuckles up its sleeve ...

    A new “initiative” to make Syria hand over its chemical weapons is currently being flouted by the Obama regime as a way of avoiding a potentially embarrassing defeat in a Congressional vote on the matter—but it ignores the reality that Israel has the largest stockpile of chemical and other...
  3. F

    It's all about Israel : Rush Limbaugh runs cover for the ZIONISTS.

    According to an article in the prominent news source, the “Obama administration is using a time-tested pitch to get Congress to back military strikes in Syria: It will help protect Israel. “Israel’s enemies, including Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah, could be emboldened if...
  4. F

    It's all about ISRAEL.

    According to an article in the prominent news source, the “Obama administration is using a time-tested pitch to get Congress to back military strikes in Syria: It will help protect Israel. Watch out for the traitor Dennis Ross ,a long time Bush adviser. Helping the Bushes betray...
  5. F

    Syria must pay but Israel rides FREE!

    Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons. BOMB Syria but APPLAUD and Protect Israel “I will never apologize for the United States of America — I don’t care what the facts are.”…President George H. W. Bush (the father) _____________________ Yes, Mr. President ,Israelis using phosphorous bombs to...
  6. F

    Israel and the American traitors and the media.

    The danger, of course, for U.S. Christians is that having made an icon of Israel, we fall into a trap of condoning whatever Israel does -- even wanton murder -- as orchestrated by God. Yet, I am not alone in suggesting that the churches in the United States represent the last major organized...
  7. chris7375

    Israel may Strike Syria

    Israel may preemptively strike key Syrian sites that may be producing Chemical Weapons. Doing this in the name of National Security.
  8. chris7375

    Israel Elections today.....

    It would seem Israel is in a tough spot recently with many Muslim country's calling for their elimination. It would seem that today is an important election for Israel. The Knesset is to be voted on for the next four years. It seem the worry is that the Likud party may not win. It should...
  9. myp

    Israel bans anorexic models

    Interesting policy decision to curb teen anorexia. Although a potential issue is that a BMI below 18.5 does not necessarily mean one is anorexic, just underweight. Anorexia is a clinical condition.
  10. tecoyah

    Gaza and Israel violence

    It seems things are getting pretty bad, Egypt pulling out, Rockets and warplanes....are we watching the beginning of a war?
  11. A

    Israel the victim?? Really?!?
  12. C

    When Israel will attack again USA?

    "In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" - George Orwell, Author "All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First, It Is Ridiculed, Second It Is Violently Opposed, And Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident" – Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher Have US...
  13. C

    The United States Of Israel --Shalom.

    The Mark Weber Report: Politicians’ Bidding for Jewish Support Highlights Corruption of US Political Life Nothing more vividly underscores the depths to which American political life has fallen than the behavior of leading presidential candidates at a recent meeting of the “Republican...
  14. N

    Romney campaign promise - will make first foreign trip to Israel

    Romney trip to Israel should help all unemployment problems in US. As if $3B annual aid is not enough. US has 1.7-2.2% of Jewish population. US voters must be brainwashed by these 1.7-2.2% of population that US politicians need to cajole Israel to...
  15. N

    GOP claim to be bigger sucker to Israel than Dems There is a competition between Repugs and Dems as to who is a bigger sucker to Israel. Amazing :)
  16. C

    Israel pulled the 9/11 ...these are the fact Israel did 9/11 [COLOR=#FF6600]Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED “[The Israeli Mossad is] ruthless and cunning, with the capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian-Arab act.” -Report issued by the...
  17. C

    A Democrat in Israel

    Who's the man dedicated to spreading peace and democracy throughout the world? This past year we have read about the protests for "social justice" in Israel. Wikipedia has judiciously chronicled them: Main article: 2011 Israeli social justice protests#Events leading to the protests And the...
  18. myp

    Palestine gives US 1 month to convince Israel to freeze settlement expansion

    Palestine, backed by Arab leaders, asked the United States to convince Israel to curb settlement construction within the next month or face a breakdown of peace talks. As always, it is a very sticky matter. source: Thoughts?
  19. The Bare Knuckled Pundit

    All The World's Indeed A Stage: The Obama-Netanyahu Meeting

    Though Neil Peart paraphrased it in the Rush classic, ?Limelight?, it was William Shakespeare that famously wrote, ?All the world?s a stage, And all the men and women merely players?? Looking at Tuesday?s White House meeting between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister...
  20. myp

    Israel questioned upon flotilla assault

    Israeli commandos boarded a ship and killed at least nine Palestinian activists earlier today, sparking what some are calling a diplomatic crisis. The move has left Israel's enemies and even some of its allies questioning the country and the peace talks are bound to be hurt by this. Among the...