1. Ralph47

    Omarosa: Fake News Regresses To News FRAUD

    Rather than functioning as a news organization, NBC news simply allowed itself to be used as a PR outlet promoting the clearly self-interested complaints of its source, just as Andrew Duehren at The Wall Street Journal did the following day. And why? This isn't just “fake news.” It is news...
  2. Ralph47

    Many Snowflakes Distraught Over FAKE News

    The news media should cut it out! They are apparently disturbing the weak & gullible, those prone to hysteria. :mad: "It’s one thing to be empathetic, but it’s quite another to be so consumed by the news that you lose sight of what should be one of the happiest days of your life." :rolleyes...
  3. Ralph47

    Shame On ABC News!

    They gave greater priority & time to National Enquirer style report on ols (10 year old private matter) Trump news, than the boating tragedy in Missouri and tornado news in Indiana. :mad: I'm seriously considering watching another network for evening national news. :smug:
  4. Ralph47

    List Of Fake News Sources

    Fake news websites deliberately publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. These sites are distinguished from news satire (which is humorous) as they mislead and sometimes profit from readers' gullibility. While most fake news sites are portrayed to be spin...
  5. arcturus88

    Fake News Awards...
  6. tecoyah

    Fox news and Sputnik.

    I generally try to get my information from as many sources as possible for both confirmation and opinion. Though I have noted bias over the years in the United States (MSNBC and FOX primarily) this latest news cycle was absolutely ridiculous. MSNBC had nonstop coverage of the Flynn admission...
  7. arcturus88

    Bad news for Miami!

    There's a hurricane heading your way. Please use this thread to update on the situation / status related to Hurricane Irma. May God bless any in its path.
  8. N

    Fear, Hysteria and Fake News in Homer, Alaska

    Here is: a transcript of this morning's NPR "This American Life" about the typically uninformed American hysteria about the immigration "question." .
  9. C

    Is fake news about to get a lot more real?

    Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed What we saw in the 2016 election is nothing compared to what we need to prepare for in 2020.
  10. arcturus88

    anti-trumper news thread

    These savages cry f*** Trump and f*** whites while torturing a mentally challenged man , all while filming it without shame or remorse.
  11. 7forever

    NEWS FLASH: Prince Charles is the father of Prince Harry

    Prince Charles looks like his mother, the Queen. Prince Harry looks like Prince Philip, his Grandfather. The dingbat Sinatras claim Ronan looks like certain men on Mia Farrow's side, while totally ignoring that he must resemble someone from Woody's side. I didn't make the last comp. Prince...
  12. S

    Economic news

    Initial jobless claims increased by 38,000 to a seasonally adjusted 368,000 in the week ended Jan. 26. GDP reports stagnation and contraction for 4th Q 2012. Obamacare, tax increases, indecision, lack of leadership. It's not working. Blame Bush or Republicans or whomever you'd...
  13. chris7375

    Gang Rape case make National News for Hacked Video

    This is where my wife is from and it is a shame that places such as this try to cover up these events. The leaders of the School a long with others were trying to sweep this under the rug because those involved were star football players for the local High School. The girl that was gang raped...
  14. AConcernedCitizen


    Hi, I'm Mandy. I am one of those people who just likes to hear both sides of a story before I make my own opinion, and what better way to do that than to join a political forum! This is my first time ever being on one and I am excited to be on one. In high school I won "nicest girl" and that is...
  15. myp

    News Corp. to split

    News Corp is expected to announce its intent to split into 2 companies on Thursday (it is going to be a big news day with the ACA verdict too). News Corp was founded by Rupert Murdoch and includes companies like Fox, the WSJ, and a lot of newspapers and other media companies. The split would...
  16. M


    George Clooney in news again! But this time, not for being assaulted. Not for telling the world how much he loves humanity. Not for chanting Slogans for Human Rights. Not for accepting Oscars. This time he is in News for doing something real. Yes! It is real spying. Nathaniel Raymond, the...
  17. S

    Osama is "alive not dead", express news give the proof (obama played drama for winnin

    Osama is "alive not dead", express news give the proof (obama played drama for winning the election) Edit by myp: spam link removed
  18. C

    Dems Look To Hillary: Bad News For Barry Hussein

    The Hillary Moment President Obama can't win by running a constructive campaign, and he won't be able to govern if he does win a second term By PATRICK H. CADDELL AND DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN Source:
  19. N

    Wall Street protests - not on any news channel - This is democracy

    US news channels are keeping quiet about ongoing Wall Street protests. UN resolution against Syria was double vetoed by Russia/China which also did not make it to US news channel. You can see that on BBC. South Carolina (a repug state) requires drivers to buy liability insurance or pay...
  20. myp

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: really good news- only 36,000 jobs lost

    The video speaks for itself: LC211h9AY-4 Anyone else find something wrong with it?