1. myp

    S. Korea starts live fire drills despite North

    South Korea has started live fire drills on the border despite threats by their Northern neighbor.
  2. myp

    North Korea and South Korea exchange artillery fire

    The two neighbor nations exchanged fire over a disputed water boundary between the two nations. The source of the conflict has been disputed by both nations for decades and occasionally erupted into attacks...
  3. obtuseobserver

    North Korea is Not a Good Neighbor

    here's a bit from the blog.... North Korea is not a very friendly neighbor. North Korea is still legally at war with South Korea. North Korea is dirt poor and starvation is not uncommon. North Korea has kidnapped Japanese citizens over a period of decades, continued its nuclear weapons...
  4. myp

    North Korea calls for friendlier relationship with the United States

    In a New Year's message, North Korea is calling for an end to hostile relations with the United States. The statement specifically mentioned a nuclear-free and peaceful Korean peninsula. Link: Thoughts?
  5. C

    What can we actually do about North Korea?

    Seriously, we are pretty limited in what we can do. One reason that a country might want to join the nuclear club is it means the rest of the world loses a lot of leverage. We can impose sanctions, but they only work if the target government actually cares if its people starve. This one...
  6. deanhills

    US Journalists on Trial in North Korea

    Two US Journalists are currently on trial in North Korea on accusations of illegal entry and hostile acts. What do you think is going to happen to them? Another bargaining chip :mad: [COLOR=darkred]
  7. D

    North Korea Can Wipe Out the U.S.?

    I just don't understand why North Korea has become so daring these days. - source