1. Ralph47

    Obama - Worst President In History!

    Six top reasons: 1. The largest deficits in history 2. The worst economic recovery 3. Obamacare 4. Purging Gitmo 5. Obama’s surveillance state 6. Weaponizing the government against his enemies https://pjmedia.com/trending/six-reasons-why-barack-obama-is-the-worst-president-in-history/
  2. Ralph47

    Obama's Junk Science Being Tossed - Finally!

    Cool! :cool: Scientific studies used by the Obama administration to help justify tough environmental regulations are coming under intensifying scrutiny, with critics questioning their merit as the Trump EPA reverses or delays some of those rules. In one case, agencies determined the...
  3. tecoyah

    Why is Obama so hated?

    In my experience our former President did a relatively good job and prevented what could have been a very painful economic situation from becoming disaster. He was respected worldwide and seemed a pretty cool dude both in foreign policy and as a general person. My question is why he is so...
  4. tecoyah

    Apparently Obama is a bad ass.

    It would seem our former President has a secret base in Jamaica and a massive outfit of operatives that have managed to infiltrate and corrupt Trumps people and the U.S. population in such a way that they leak data and arrange angry town hall meetings while holding huge marches in opposition to...
  5. arcturus88

    obama care hikes coming

    if this bothers you. remember lots of people that are not working rely on you doing your part here. in other words...take it with a grain of salt. :rolleyes: USA Today: The Cascade of 2017 Obamacare Premium Hikes Has Arrived - Guy Benson
  6. arcturus88

    I heard a good thing about Obama.

    I recently heard that over the course of his presidency he has signed over 265 million acres to be national reserve/monument/ parks. More than any other president before him. :cloud9:
  7. arcturus88

    Obama duped the MSM to sell Iran deal

    Obama wanted Iran deal really bad. See how our dictator created a narrative for the press then let the boot-lickers put it out to the public. Ben Rhodes Reveals How Obama Duped America On Iran
  8. J

    Obama HHS orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide that protects from radiation

    Obama’s HHS ordered 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide. Why is this newsworthy? Because Potassium Iodide is used to protect a person’s body from radioactive poisoning in a nuclear ‘accident’ or nuclear attack. Does the Obama regime know something about what the terrorists are planning that we...
  9. arcturus88

    IRS / tea-party scandal ~ obama brainchild

    So let's review what happened, because the news has long since shuffled this to the circular file: The IRS Tea Party Scandal, Explained | Mother Jones why was it done? well in short, obama and team realize that this is their enemy and were poised to strike. an all front attack was needed and...
  10. M

    Obama says trust me

    Only the naive would believe their government can be blindly trusted. On this subject, there are far too many whistle blowers opening it up, too many legislators introducing bills and amendments to bills restricting the NSA. Judicial Watch, ACLU and many others filing FOIA's and law suits, the...
  11. M

    Another Obama lie

    Obama tells Jay Leno that "We don't have a domestic spy program" how did he say that with a straight face. Of course Leno gave him a pass. There's plenty of shows he wouldn't have dared say that on. Here is the latest in a long list that contradicts the CiC. The US Department of Justice is...
  12. arcturus88

    occupy movement ~ obama brainchild

    yeah. so here it is... Obama and team set the ball rolling to initiate the occupy movement. consider: it is a movement designed at class warfare 1% have most of the wealth, 99% don't...boohoo. this fits perfectly with obama's tax agenda of "everyone contributing their fair share". it...
  13. ThirdTerm

    Obama embracing some Bush-era anti-terror policies

    The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian. The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called PRISM, which allows officials to...
  14. Polydectes

    Background checks fails and Obama cries

    The due process occurred, Obama's push for stricter background checks was not supported by the legislature. Either way it could have gone would have been due process, but Obama is crying about it, I don't know why. His plan wasn't right for America apparently, why does he cry? He needs to try...
  15. S

    Obama urges talks

    What leadership. What steady fortitiude. What courage. To offer that these two sides.......talk.....I mean......this Obama is groundbreaking, a man of solid community organization skills I can hear him now; "You two....you need to....talk......work things out." Meanwhile as the article...
  16. Aeonpax

    Worst Speaker Ever: John Boehner Uses Pathetic Twitter Campaign to Blame Obama for Se

    Introduction; My name is Joan but you can call me Æon. Prologue: I am no fan of President Obama or the Democratic party. I see Mr. Obama as a corporate tool and the Democrats as being disorganized cowards. As far as the GOP is concerned, they are headed for absolute ideological stagnation, like...
  17. chris7375

    Obama smacked by Federal Appeal Court.

    It would seem the Federal appeals court ruled that Obama violated the Constitution by bypassing Congress last year in appointing 3 members of the National Labor Relation Board. Big surprise here this is not the first time. Nor is he the first President to violate the Constitution in some way...
  18. myp

    Obama to propose assault weapons ban, better background checks

    Comes a day after Cuomo signed a big gun control bill in New York. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/16/us-usa-guns-idUSBRE90F0NU20130116
  19. chris7375

    Gays Turn On Obama pick.

    A LGBT Group "GetEQUAL" oppose Obama's pick for Secretary of Defense. Say he is not Gay Supporter. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/lgbt-group-takes-issue-hagel-nomination-urges-obama-abandon_693719.html
  20. chris7375

    Obama Congressional Pay Increase blocked.

    Really the entire country is struggling to make ends meet so you solve this by increasing your pay. I have to give applaud John Barrow for his stand. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/dem-representative-moves-block-obamas-congressional-pay-increase_692451.html