1. Southern Dad

    A Cross Party Ticket

    Politics in today's USA has become very partisan. Could a cross party ticket happen? There has only been one cross party ticket in our country's history, it was called the National Union Party in 1864. Abraham Lincoln (R) and Andrew Johnson (D) ran together. This ticket won in a landslide...
  2. arcturus88

    conservative conservationalists party

    It has a nice ring doesn't it? For me, one of the largest detractors of the GOP / conservative / republican party is it doesn't give enough "air time" or commitment to the environment. It should. It is very in line with the over-arching ethos of conservatives. But don't take my word for...
  3. N

    UKIP is a mess’: Fury among supporters as chaos strikes party

    ' UKIP is a mess’: Fury among supporters as chaos strikes party .
  4. arcturus88

    When did tecoyah leave the republican party?

    This has become a bit of a mystery here at PF. This morning, tecoyah posted this: While this may seem striking and may appear as quite the breaking news, in reality it is merely the latest iteration of why he is leaving (left) the republican party.
  5. tecoyah

    The Republican Party.

    It looks as though Roy Moore, the accused pedophile (overwhelming evidence shows this as highly likely) is ahead in the poles and holding onto his support. This for me is a last straw and the camels back is broken. As Trump has decimated the respect of my country and the unified house and...
  6. arcturus88

    design your party

    what would your ideal political party look like? ...having only 2 seems kind of limiting after all. mine would be the conserve party. its stands out as being about conserving, not just money, government, spending, but resources in general. it would seem natural for people labeled...
  7. myp

    Has the Republican party just recently gone anti climate change, anti-Obamacare, etc.

    Interesting piece. Might be somewhat biased as most things political usually are, but some of the facts are just undeniable. While I'm familiar with some of the examples used, others were new to me. Anyway, the question comes up, how many of today's Democrats are on the issues yesteryear's...
  8. David

    Assassination attempt made on leader of Bulgarian Turkish party. Thank god he was an idiot and didn't take the safety off.
  9. andrew320

    Will libertarianism triumph in the Republican Party?

    It seems as if the neo-conservatives of the Republican Party will become obsolete in the next one or two decades. There is such a positive growing movement of libertarians entering the GOP that it seems the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch will disappear. What do you think...
  10. myp

    Lifelong party affiliation

    I don't know the primary source or how reliable this person or study was, but one of the analysts on CNN last night was talking about how it tends to be that when a person votes for the same party in their first three elections, they tend to very likely remain with that party for the rest of...
  11. AConcernedCitizen

    Is a two party system really the best ides?

    We are one of the last first world countries to still support a two party system. In George Washington's farewell speech he warned against two things; forming permanent alliances, and having only a two party system. He said it would lead to our downfall, and if we look at history, it almost did...
  12. NewHaven

    Starting A New Political Party

    I have this idea to start a new political party in america(Silly I know), but it is something I feel strongly. It is just me by myself brainstorming ideas. IMO, I am not a fan of either the republicans or the democrats because I do not believe that either side cares about the citizens. Every...
  13. myp

    Neo-Nazi party wins 7 percent of popular vote in Greece

    This is frightening. Unfortunately, given the circumstances it might even somewhat make sense. And this is why no country lives in a vacuum. It is also why...
  14. myp

    It's always sunny at the Tea Party

    Or at least when the successful one's started: Amazing to think how the "little" things we often overlook might play huge roles in the way the world evolves.
  15. S

    the destruction of party and canidate

    I think partys ( Rep, Dem, etc. ) destroy the informed opinions of some people by laying down a set of views that these people blindly follow thus elimating their chance to make a desicion they themselves did the work to gain.
  16. Calvin

    Santorum Party Train

    Well, the good news is that for a change the best GOP candidate will likely emerge as the winner. Santorum is in his early 50's and is easily a better choice than Gingrich or Romney. The question is, who will he choose as a running mate. I think he should maybe give Huckabee a second look...
  17. O

    Moving Beyond Party Lines (To Save America)

    They say End The Fed is a "Ron Paulism." Well, is ending the war in Afghanistan now a "Ron Paulism" too since, Obama has no real withdrawal plan? What's the difference between a Northern Democrat and a Southern Republican who both answer to Wall Street and voted for Bank Bailouts??? Time to...
  18. C

    John F. Kennedy: Tea Party Favorite

    >>>>> My oh my, don't Kennedy's statements on taxes sound awfully familiar: "It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now ... Cutting taxes now is not to incur a budget...
  19. myp

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain top Tea Party poll for 2012 candidate

    Interesting to see Sarah Palin come in third after Ron Paul and Herman Cain in a poll of the Tea Party Patriots. I am not sure any of the three will actually be able to make it that far, but interesting nonetheless. source...
  20. A

    New Socio-Political Party

    Have you tired of the empty promises of politicians? Have you seen the ?divide and conquer? successes in everything from school teams to country identities? Do you want the planet to coexist? Perhaps you might consider the Ethical Planetarian Party. What is the Ethical Planetarian...