1. S

    Democrats should now confront the minimum wage rate.

    Democrats regained the congressional House. Now they should immediately confront the federal minimum wage rate issue. I’m among those that advocate a minimum wage rate gradually increased to higher purchasing power and thereafter monitored and (when necessary to retain its targeted purchasing...
  2. Ralph47

    Obama - Worst President In History!

    Six top reasons: 1. The largest deficits in history 2. The worst economic recovery 3. Obamacare 4. Purging Gitmo 5. Obama’s surveillance state 6. Weaponizing the government against his enemies
  3. Ralph47

    Ben Shapiro For President!

    He rules!
  4. Ralph47

    Secretary Niesen For President

  5. S

    President Trump's Tariffs

    President Trump's Tariffs: I did not vote for a Democrat or a Republican 2017 presidential candidate or for their electoral college supporters. I indicated my rejection by voting for less than electable 3d party candidate, to demonstrate my opposition to the declared policies of both major...
  6. N

    US Nazi President picks war criminal torturer as CIA chief

    ' Trump pick for new CIA director Gina Haspel oversaw torture .
  7. C

    The President and the Porn Star: A Story’s Slow Rise Above the Din

    By MATT FLEGENHEIMER MARCH 9, 2018 Despite the unrelated tumult of this week — tariff policy, staff turnover, nuclear intrigue — the ordeal has begun showing signs of an elusive longevity, coaxed by a lawsuit filed by her lawyer and an acknowledgment from Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White...
  8. Ralph47

    Mike Rowe For President!

    It is the ULTIMATE dirty job, :D
  9. Ralph47

    Nikki Haley For President

    I don't see why not. :D Democrats are trying to stack the deck with female candidates for the 2020 presidential race, desperate for a do-over of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 attempt to put a woman in the Oval Office for the first time. But if President Trump continues to have the kind of...
  10. Ralph47

    Barron Trump For President

    Has already started! :(
  11. Ralph47

    UPPER Age Limit For President?

    Should we ever adopt an upper age limit for President, what should it be? IMHO, I'd say one must be UNDER age 70 on 1st day on job (Jan. 20th) as President. BTW: Ronald Reagan turned 70 about two weeks after taking office. :D Trump would be grandfathered in (pun intended) obviously.
  12. S

    The Relevance of President Trump's Visit to China

    The United States, China affirm commitment to strengthen bilateral cooperation
  13. S

    President Trump's clear public message

    President Trump's clear public message at the APEC CEO Summit
  14. N

    President Dotard Bum?

    President Dotard Bum? By 2020, a certain political figure may have collected titles as long and convoluted as those that graced the Habsburg dynasty. Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, of Dalmatia, of Croatia, of Slavonia, of Galicia, of Lodomeria, and of...
  15. N

    My best wishes to this former US President !!

    ' My best wishes to this former US President !! Jimmy Carter’s Warning to the US emphases added .
  16. J

    Andrew D. Basiago for U.S. President in 2016

    Andrew D. Basiago is an Independent Write-In Candidate who will put before the American people a vote to end political control by the two major parties and enable the American people to govern themselves based on representation by independent individuals. He is a prominent figure in the Truth...
  17. arcturus88

    worst - best president list

    dear patrons, please arrange the following presidents from worst to best. the best or worst don't have the be the best or worst throughout time, or of all the presidents in history; just the best or worst of the list below. I'm looking for worst or best overall...not specifically, with relation...
  18. P

    Andrew D. Basiago for President in 2016

    Andrew D. Basiago is a Presidential Candidate who will disclose secret Government time travel and teleportation technologies, Mars visitation, and the truth about Extra-terrestrial visits on Earth when he is elected President. He has released 100 Proposals of Truth, Reform, and Innovation. These...
  19. tecoyah

    If Trump Becomes President?

    Let's just say Donald Trump becomes POTUS. Given the ways our government works and the things he says he intends to do, what do you think will happen when he tries?
  20. arcturus88

    would you want a muslim as president?

    I sure as hell wouldn't. but it's one of those things we are not supposed to say. we have freedom of speech, but political correctness, and its liberal creators, seek to squelch free speech. anyways I hope bens poll ratings go up but I doubt they will. Pro Ben Carson fundraising spikes...