1. arcturus88

    When did tecoyah leave the republican party?

    This has become a bit of a mystery here at PF. This morning, tecoyah posted this: While this may seem striking and may appear as quite the breaking news, in reality it is merely the latest iteration of why he is leaving (left) the republican party.
  2. tecoyah

    The Republican Party.

    It looks as though Roy Moore, the accused pedophile (overwhelming evidence shows this as highly likely) is ahead in the poles and holding onto his support. This for me is a last straw and the camels back is broken. As Trump has decimated the respect of my country and the unified house and...
  3. S

    Catastrophic medical insurance

    Catastrophic medical insurance: Government single payer is THE superior method for providing basic medical insurance. Unfortunately, this concept has not yet entirely been adopted in the USA. [Medicare, Medicare advantage, and Medicare Supplemental insurances are an example of government...
  4. myp

    Has the Republican party just recently gone anti climate change, anti-Obamacare, etc.

    Interesting piece. Might be somewhat biased as most things political usually are, but some of the facts are just undeniable. While I'm familiar with some of the examples used, others were new to me. Anyway, the question comes up, how many of today's Democrats are on the issues yesteryear's...
  5. a777pilot

    Republican Lie!

    Seems that last year's big lie was told by Mit Romney. In fact is was labled as "LIE OF THE YEAR". Well, who else could tell such a big lie? Here read all about it yourself:
  6. andrew320

    Will libertarianism triumph in the Republican Party?

    It seems as if the neo-conservatives of the Republican Party will become obsolete in the next one or two decades. There is such a positive growing movement of libertarians entering the GOP that it seems the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch will disappear. What do you think...
  7. Cerise

    Republican Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock in rape row

    Republican US Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock has expressed regret a day after suggesting pregnancies caused by rape were God's plan. The Indiana candidate made the remarks while debating his Democratic opponent. On Wednesday, he told reporters he "abhors" rape and that if anyone "came away with...
  8. AConcernedCitizen

    Is a two party system really the best ides?

    We are one of the last first world countries to still support a two party system. In George Washington's farewell speech he warned against two things; forming permanent alliances, and having only a two party system. He said it would lead to our downfall, and if we look at history, it almost did...
  9. myp

    Who has the best chance vs. Obama?

    If it were only about picking the best opponent vs. Obama who do you think it would be? On the flip side, who do you think the Obama campaign is hoping wins? The generic Republican vs. Obama numbers are extremely close right now according to Rasmussen which had them at 45% to 44% in Obama's...
  10. myp

    Republican candidates focus on Iowa as caucuses approach

    Iowa is the name of the game right now as the Iowa caucuses are just around the corner. The past couple of weeks have seen ups and downs from a lot of the candidates. Right now it looks like it will end up being a close fight between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for the top spot, although things can...
  11. C

    Donald Trump and Debates

    >>>>>>>>> Why do people think that debates should be moderated by these liberal anchors from the leftwing media, who's only interest is to ultimately see the GOP lose? I'd rather see a successful Republican businessman like Donald Trump moderate a debate than some liberal from CBS, ABC or...
  12. C

    Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by Michael Zak source:
  13. myp

    Republican security debate

    Anyone catch the security debate tonight? I am currently watching the re-run, will post back later with my thoughts most likely.
  14. myp

    Rasmussen: Generic Republican Candidate leads Obama

    A generic presidential ballot conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that currently a generic GOP candidate leads Obama 48% to 42%. The other ten percent voted for a third party or were undecided. source...
  15. myp

    2012 Republican Primaries Poll

    Who do you think will with the Republican nomination for 2012? Vote above. We're a political forum, I had to make one of these :p
  16. myp

    State of the Union (and Republican response)

    Obama just presented the State of the Union, emphasizing the number one issue on everyone's mind: the economy. He talked about increasing exports, freezing spending, and improving America's competitiveness. Rep. Paul Ryan made the Republican response in which he heavily stressed debt...
  17. H

    Rand Paul or Sarah Palin conservative Tea Party?

    Is Rand Paul or Sarah Palin the leader of the conservative Tea Party? Does anyone think that helps their political careers?
  18. H

    Arizona's new border protection law

    In the news online regarding Arizona's new border protection law, does the ambiguity in section 1070 call for possible racial profiling?
  19. myp

    Obama starts final health care push- asks for Republican proposals

    President Obama is pushing the health care legislation currently pending in Congress once again. He has also asked Republicans, who are asking to start over, to bring their own proposals at a February 25th conference which the President is hoping can be televised. Bob Blendon, a health...
  20. myp

    Palin says 2012 presidential bid could happen

    Not really the most surprising news, but Sarah Palin admitted in a recent interview that she is considering a bid for the White House in 2012 barring the right conditions. It would certainly be interesting considering her strong grassroots following and her ties to the tea parties. source...