1. S

    Democrats should now confront the minimum wage rate.

    Democrats regained the congressional House. Now they should immediately confront the federal minimum wage rate issue. I’m among those that advocate a minimum wage rate gradually increased to higher purchasing power and thereafter monitored and (when necessary to retain its targeted purchasing...
  2. Southern Dad

    Predictions on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

    The testimony has been given. The senators have asked their questions. It's now up to the senators on the committee, and the full senate. I am sure that most of us have followed this confirmation, regardless of which side we are on. This poll is not asking what you want to happen nor what...
  3. Southern Dad

    2018 Senatorial Elections - Texas

    As we all know 2/3rds of the US Senate and all of the US House are up for reelection in 2018. The math favors the Republicans keeping control. There are 35 seats up for election in 2018. These include 26 held by Democrats (or Independents that caucus with the Democrats) and 9 Republicans...
  4. S

    Filibuster Court Nominee

    Filibuster Republican Supreme Court Nominee: The Republican Party’s Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and their judiciary committee members deliberately prevented the U.S. Senate from discussing and voting upon the Democratic president’s nominee for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court while...
  5. Road Warrior

    Will Sarah Palin run for Senate?

    My recommendation for her campaign motto is "Better boobs than Bush and Cheney!" All joking aside, I think she has a good shot at winning given proper support (meaning lots of $$$$). Will Sarah Palin run for Senate?
  6. S

    Filibuster Vs. tyranny of the mob.

    Filibuster Vs. tyranny of the mob. Filibusters defend the rights of minority parties against mob tyranny. I am not opposed to filibusters’ worthy purposes but they should not stand alone as an unlimited absolute. Protection of minority rights should not require tolerating minorities’ eternally...
  7. Cerise

    Republican Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock in rape row

    Republican US Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock has expressed regret a day after suggesting pregnancies caused by rape were God's plan. The Indiana candidate made the remarks while debating his Democratic opponent. On Wednesday, he told reporters he "abhors" rape and that if anyone "came away with...
  8. myp

    Senate banking committee to ask Dimon to testify

    Following the recent large losses over at JPM, the Senate banking committee is asking the CEO to testify over the matter. The concerns are of course why it happened and the systemic effect such a event either this or in the future could have...
  9. Comet

    Washington Senate approves bill to legalize gay marriage

    I could not be more happy for Washington. Good job. Assuming this passes the House, which it should, that will be seven down and forty-three to go. Read more:
  10. myp

    Boehner bill passes House- now onto the Senate

    The revised Boehner bill passed the House and now heads to the Senate where Harry Reid will now decide on voting it through with compromises or putting it aside and voting on his own bill. The madness isn't over just yet :p...
  11. E

    Childrens' Lunch Bill Clears Senate Panel - Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

    Source: When I was at school, I always wondered specifically why in orientations, cafeteria staff always talked about buying healthy yet they serve us junk. I don't get why they aren't just banning junk food like they...
  12. myp

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: really good news- only 36,000 jobs lost

    The video speaks for itself: LC211h9AY-4 Anyone else find something wrong with it?
  13. myp

    Senate confirms Bernanke for another term

    The Senate voted 77 to 23 in favor of Ben Bernanke for his second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve today. Although he won, Bernanke still faces a lot of criticism for some of his actions following the financial crisis and critics, including some within Congress, are expected to continue...
  14. deanhills

    Dems loose Senate Seat in Massachusetts

    I just could not believe it! I knew Scott Brown was doing well, but not in my wildest imagination did I think the Republicans would be able to win Ted Kennedy's seat. I am very happy about the outcome, and really like Scott Brown. I wonder what effect this is going to have on the Health...
  15. myp

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid faces scrutiny for racist remarks

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is currently under a lot of fire from various groups as racist remarks that he made during the 2008 election period have recently surfaced. Reid is quoted as saying that the country was ready for a "light-skinned" African-American president with "no Negro...
  16. myp

    Senate passes health care bill

    The health care insurance bill which has come under a lot of debate in recent months has passed the Senate with a 60-39 vote. It brings the Obama administration a step closer to their promise of bringing health care reform under this presidency and Congress. Thoughts...
  17. myp

    $100 million provision for Lousiana in the Senate health care bill

    The Senate is set to vote on their version of the health care bill tonight. There has been a bit of uproar though, after a provision was added in the bill that would give states which have had a major disaster in the past 7 years medicaid subsidies. It turns out that the only state this pertains...
  18. O

    Caroline Kennedy withdraws from Senate bid

    Caroline Kennedy took her name from the running to replace Hillary Clinton. Can't say im surprised. Caroline doesn't have any of the experience necessary to be in the Senate. Last name...
  19. myp

    Senate confirms Hilary Clinton

    The U.S. Senate approved the Hilary Clinton nomination for Secretary of State today, by a 94-2 vote. There was some opposition due to a possible conflict of interest that could be caused by Hilary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, and his charitable foundation, but Bill Clinton had signed an...