1. C

    Understading Global War Pratice by Freemasons-Isalm & Syria on western chatolsim

    Unfortunately, The baath party of Syria which control Syrian politics with many millions of Syrian members via his social leaders not the key players issued all the times from our childhood Social warrant about Christian religion. The warrant was well observed via printed posters and printed...
  2. David

    Turkish Invation of Syria

    Turkey steps up Syria shelling as invasion of Afrin looms - BBC News So far... No Turkish troops have crossed the border but an all out artillery assault is underway. Local Kurdish fighters say they've taken out a tank coloum that tried to cross the border. Russian forces in full retreat...
  3. N

    US used chemical attack as excuse to strike Syria: Ron Paul

    ' US used chemical attack as excuse to strike Syria: Ron Paul [emphases added] .
  4. tecoyah

    Trump and Syria.

    * Donald Trump says Assad is no big deal and can stay, Assad then drops chemical weapons on his people and Trump says it's Obamas fault....WTF. Does this guy just pick anyone he can think of to blame for whatever happens on his watch?
  5. A

    Abdullah Fadel Attar - Abou Fadel - Chemicals ,Soap Trading - Al Qaeda Aleppo , Syria

    Abdullah Fadel Attar - Abou Fadel - Chemicals Trading - Al Qaeda Aleppo , Syria All due respect to the principles of privacy and ethics of society , but when exceeding certain destinations and people of the limits of human through Mafia governments and private religious show this correspondence...
  6. F

    Syria must pay but Israel rides FREE!

    Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons. BOMB Syria but APPLAUD and Protect Israel “I will never apologize for the United States of America — I don’t care what the facts are.”…President George H. W. Bush (the father) _____________________ Yes, Mr. President ,Israelis using phosphorous bombs to...
  7. F

    If the Israelis Did it: Bleeding SYRIA!!

    [ If it was an accident, it was the best planned accident I've ever heard of" - USS Liberty survivor For those who doubt that the israelis attacked Syria with chemical weapons should think again. Even if it were proven who in the craven jelly fish congress would object. Who in the american...
  8. F


    Clearly ,some type of chemical weapon was fired at civilians ,mainly civilians near the rebel held perimeter outside Damascus. The question is who done it? The finger points at the Assad Government , but Assad doesn't appear to have lost his mind. What logical reason would he do it...
  9. M

    Al Qaida in Syria

    CIA deputy director Michael Morell gave the assessment in an interview published by the Wall Street Journal as he prepares to retire after 33 years with the agency. Mr Morell said there were more foreign fighters flowing into Syria each month to take up arms with al-Qaeda-affiliated groups than...
  10. Salty

    Is Syria's Leader dead?

    Twitter is twitter pated over reports he's in the hospital, that he's dead, or that he is fine. :unsure: His air defense base was captured over the week end so it probably won't be long till he's playing cards "down there" with Sad Ham and Osama been bad :D
  11. chris7375

    Israel may Strike Syria

    Israel may preemptively strike key Syrian sites that may be producing Chemical Weapons. Doing this in the name of National Security.
  12. myp

    Syria's Internet turns off

    As fighting continues, several reports suggest that most IP addresses in Syria are not accessible and they do not have access to a lot of IP addresses outside. Rebels blame the government, the government blames the rebels. Go figure...
  13. SlipperyJack

    Syrian Peace Idea

    This is just an idea to solve the number of political problems in Syria. Syria will adopt a multi party system which should hopefully allow for a system of government that will be good for the country. The president of Syria should be a syrian muslim but the 2 vice-president positions...
  14. R

    Turkish warplane downed by Syria 'may have crossed border' İf the plane violations the air space of a warring country, they may ask that it provides the intelligence to the other armed gruops aganist the regime. Turkey should not be part of the ongoing civil war in neighboring country. Also...
  15. myp

    UN council approves mediators for Syria

    30 mediators will be sent to Syria to look over the ceasefire. Russia raised concerns over too much interference.
  16. DodgeFB

    Syria unrest: Aleppo bomb attacks 'kill 28'

    At least 28 people have been killed and 235 wounded in two bombs targeting security compounds in Syria's second city of Aleppo, state media report. I am torn about this. I want this to stop. These people need help. But I don't think we...
  17. myp

    Violence in Syria leads to Arab states potentially cutting commercial ties

    Ongoing violence in Syria involving the national army has led to the Arab League economic committee to pose sanctions on the country. The sanctions still need to be voted on. :
  18. David

    Iraq sides with Iran on Syria. Can't say I'm surprised, the only people in Iraq that weren't pro-Iran where the Ba'athists.
  19. DodgeFB

    Should the U.S. intervene in Syria?Should the U.S. intervene in Syria?

    Should the U.S. intervene in Syria? Mon Mar 28, 6:22 am ET New York – Bashar Al-Assad unleashes violence on protesters, and Joe Lieberman backs U.S. intervention. Hillary Clinton says no way. Who's right?