1. Ralph47

    Tax Cuts Have Dramatic Positive Economic Effect

    :cool: :cool: :cool: In this excerpt from our recent "Turning Global Gains into Local Successes in the Digital Economy" event, RCP's Carl Cannon and Congressman Steve Chabot discuss Chabot's efforts to reform the Small Business Administration since taking over as Chairman of the House Small...
  2. S

    Tax law may send factories and jobs abroad

    I'm among the proponents of a trade policy described within Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. The Import Certificate trade policy would have no problem with USA's new tax laws. Respectfully, Supposn Excerpted from...
  3. Ralph47

    Tax Bill: Get Ready For An Awesome Economy!

    :D:D:D "There may be disagreements on the numerical effects, but the principle has worked in the past (JFK and Reagan) and will work in the future. A 20 percent corporate tax rate, immediate full expensing, repatriation of U.S. corporate cash overseas, and a 23 percent discount for...
  4. tecoyah

    The genius of Trumps Tax Plan.

    If this passes we will all get moderate tax relief temporarily. The genius part come in here. "The joint committee found that by 2023, the tax cuts would disappear for groups with modest incomes. Specifically, those earning under $10,000 would see their taxes rise by a cumulative $100 million...
  5. S

    Tax cuts and jobs act.

    H.R. 1, “Tax cuts and jobs act”: Within the proposed “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act”, the populist proposal doubling the standard deduction is of conspicuous merit, and eliminating the alternative minimum tax would be contemptible. (Increasing the standard deduction would be further improved if it...
  6. S

    FICA is our most regressive tax.

    FICA is our most regressive federal tax. The FICA tax is only levied upon employment derived incomes, (i.e. wages). All wages are incomes, but all incomes are not wages. Statistically, the legal, (i.e. “on the books”) wages of the working-poor are effectively their entire earned incomes...
  7. C

    Trump skeptical of his own tax plan

    President Trump has built an escape hatch from his own tax plan. In Indianapolis, he bragged that it's the "largest tax cut in our county's history." But in the West Wing earlier, Trump resisted the framework that had been cooked up by congressional leaders, plus economic adviser Gary Cohn and...
  8. S

    Republican’s destination based cash flow tax?

    Destination based cash flow tax, (DBCFT): This explanation published by the Christian Science Monitor, (a reputable newspaper), is inadequate. Can any of the forum’s members provide a link to a superior explanation of DBCFT? Excerpted from Here is the scoop on corporate tax reform...
  9. S

    Can the Fair tax ever be passed and enacted?

    Can the Fair tax ever be passed and enacted? I’m a proponent of the Fair tax but I do not believe it’s politically or economically practical to replace our entire taxes on net incomes with a sales tax. It would be financially imprudent and politically less feasible and may be impossible...
  10. F

    West Bank Real Estate: Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work!

    To encourage Jews to illegally settle there in the WEST BANK, the Israeli government subsidizes home purchases and offers reduced rates for leasing land, in addition to the perks all new Israeli citizens get such as free health care, upward of a 90 percent reduction in property taxes, tuition...
  11. S

    Value Added Tax, (i.e. VAT) a particular and superior sales tax method.

    “Value Added Tax”, (i.e. VAT) is a particular and superior method of administrating a sales tax. Unlike prior (conventional) sales tax methods, VAT never taxes any prior levied taxes carried forward from prior sales transactions. Within a chain of sales links, the tax levied upon the purchaser...
  12. myp

    Why a consumption tax is better than an income/capital gains/corporate tax

    In the other thread I explained why I prefer a progressive tax to a flat tax. But the discussion still focused on income tax since that is what the existing system is. My preference is that there be no income, capital gains, or corporate taxes at all. Instead, I would like to largely replace...
  13. myp

    Why a flat tax is a bad idea

    Okay we have run into the flat tax in quite a few discussions lately, but always as a side-topic, not giving it the attention it deserves despite the disagreement. So let's have a discussion on it here. My reasoning for why a flat tax is bad is because the value of money diminishes marginally...
  14. chris7375

    41:1 Tax Increases to Spending Cuts

    So if this is true and I assume it is because it is coming from the CBO. We basically achieved nothing.
  15. David

    Eisenhower's 92% tax rate

    Eisenhower (a Repub) taxed the rich at 90%. ;) Edit by myp: This thread is a split from:
  16. myp

    Want Federal income tax cuts? You will give the rich the greatest cuts

    But there is nothing wrong with that. People forget this wayyyy too much. The US has a progressive marginal Federal income tax system. That means that on the first $xx,xxx in income you pay x%, on the next $xx,xxx you pay a different x% and so on. This means that by making more money you will...
  17. myp

    The Purple Tax Plan 15-15-15

    Interesting proposal for tax reform. I like that they want to tax consumption (progressively) instead of income and savings. Few things I don't agree with, but it beats what we currently have:
  18. M

    Post: #1 Thanks to US Tax System! Obama pays 20% but you and I pay 30%Do you really k

    Do you really know what is wrong with this country? Wealthy are becoming richer and richer and the rest are filling the belly of the corporate best with their sweat and blood. Read full Article: Thanks to US Tax System! Obama pays 20%, Romney Pays 15% but you and I pay 30%
  19. myp

    Obama paid less income tax than Romney

    Not that it should matter (tax reform needs a bigger overhaul than looking at two people and proposing to raise one's income tax in my opinion), but it will. Oh, it will in the crazy world that is presidential elections...
  20. myp

    How high should the gas tax be?

    The gas tax is an interesting issue. The US has some of the lowest gas prices in the world due to some of the lowest gas taxes, but many economists including some politically conservative ones (i.e. Mankiw) believe that the gas tax should be higher as a sort of Pigovian tax due to its negative...