1. Ralph47

    Must Watch Television Spectacular Thread

    Post accordingly or be SQUARE! :D Chris Wallace is interviewing Putin Monday. Not sure when it will air. Be sure to watch when it does. :smug:
  2. Ralph47

    Favorite Philosophy Thread

    What is your favorite snippet of philosophy? Mine is plain & simple:
  3. Ralph47

    Olympic Comments Thread

    Kindly post you Olympic thoughts/comments/observations here! :D WOOHOO!!! The USA hockey ladies just made Olympic hockey history, by scoring two goals in just six (6) seconds against the Russians! :D
  4. Ralph47

    Random Philosophy Thought Thread

    Kindly post random cliche' philosophies you find to be basic truisms. :D I'll go with:
  5. tecoyah

    Watching the changes with the United States government

    I have been watching with fear as the United States is slowly transformed and wish to place a warning prediction and bookmark in place at this point that it can be reviewed as this takes place. Over the last few months the systems put in place by our Constitution and society have been degraded...
  6. tecoyah

    The Nuclear Fallout thread.

    It seems Mr. Trump has pissed off the wrong crowd and is about to get a serious thumping probably ending in his Nixonian removal. Out of the kindness of my heart I wish to provide a place for our local TrumpHumpers to weep in peace. On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler...
  7. arcturus88

    anti-trumper news thread

    These savages cry f*** Trump and f*** whites while torturing a mentally challenged man , all while filming it without shame or remorse.
  8. arcturus88

    All things Bond thread

    Just heard there is a new bond movie on the way called spectre. So in honor of that I'm dedicating this thread to all things related to bond., Bond, Bond girl , car , etc. Well please share..
  9. arcturus88

    Random thought thread

    Theres 42 lurkers out there watching but not posting. That's amazing. :o
  10. chip

    Time for my introduction thread...

    Hi everyone... I'm one of the most laid back people you will ever meet, and I absolutely love learning and community. The one constant in my life has been I love to learn about new things, and to be open to other perspectives and viewpoints, because we are all in this together! I like to...
  11. tecoyah

    The...I have no possible explanation thread~

    I'll start with this, seen from three angles, taped and convincing due the same thing from different positions. xTQVtyh4XkI
  12. tecoyah

    The...this is who I am thread.

    An open forum to explain yourself to the folks you type at. I have found that by showing others the best of become something more in every post.
  13. tecoyah

    The Election Thread~

    Figured we should make a single place for the inevitable (I Hope) Discussions, Observations, Opinions, and Rants concerning the Vote on Tuesday. With any luck...many will gain insight from each other as the thread progresses.;)
  14. Road Warrior

    Favorite Political Cartoon thread

    Got a favorite current or past favorite political cartoon? Please post it here. My all time favorite:
  15. C

    Are US armed forces out of control? (spin-off thread)

    Is the US armed forces that out of control?
  16. C

    Anarchism (spin-off thread)

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] "ANARCHISM is the radical notion that other people are not your property." Or equally, the notion that I should live in a society that produces wealth and comfort because of the sharing that takes place in one way or another, such as employment and consumerism...
  17. Dirk

    What is the left? (spin-off thread)

    There aren't enough leftists in the Democratic Party to have any influence on policy/legislation.
  18. ArghMonkey

    Tolerance in the modern world (spin-off thread)

    I think the big reason for that is people dont feel connected to their community and family. The fact is people hate each other *L* not naturally in extreme, but they can always find fault with those around them, in my grandparents generation that was tolerated, the person was still invited...
  19. myp

    Contest thread: When does the state overstep its boundaries and become unjust?

    This is the first contest debate we are having on Political Fray and hopefully it will be the first of many (depending on the level of activity and response we get from all of you.) If this works out, we will probably be having these at least a couple times a month and maybe more. The prize for...
  20. ArghMonkey

    Government intervention in the market (spin-off of climate controversy thread)

    Why not let the market fix it? For the same reason wall street needs to be regulated and its only after the great recession that people in power realize it. If you let people, whos sole motivation is money, try to fix a problem like global climate change, they will fuck it up, let business...