1. N

    Canadian gun control: Should the united states look north for a solution to its firea

  2. N

    The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video

    The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video Many have seen the video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly dragged off his flight to be "re-accommodated". The bigger scandal, the article points out is, that they can. This incident, and the corporate response, is emblematic of the...
  3. N

    Should the United States Cease to Exist?

    ' If the proper functioning of the Constitution depends upon "the moral and ethical standard of our representatives" and upon "an informed and involved electorate," then the situation is clearly hopeless, and the Constitution is finished, kaput, unworkable, trash, a has-been. We need a new...
  4. N

    Seven Things You Can't Say About the United States

    ' SEVEN THINGS YOU CAN'T SAY ABOUT THE UNITED STATES 1. The USA is dominated by lunatic, uneducated, hysterical dorks That is obviously untrue. · · · :unsure: 2. The so-called "American Revolution" was a murderous, Terrorist Uprising led and financed by a gang of well-heeled thugs...
  5. S

    United States Foreign Policy

    Does anyone know what it is? President Obama expands and continues the Surveillance Act. Expands and extends the Patriot Act. Gitmo remains open....and open for business conducting military tribunals on detainees denied due process. He has built a massive prison(Parwan) that holds more...
  6. myp

    Iran-backed Hezbollah in the United States?

    A report by Congressman Peter King suggests that there are hundreds of Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in the US currently gathering information and possibly planning something. The report has renewed talks of an Iran threat. source...
  7. rice_farmer

    Rice Farming and China

    "China is the world's largest producer of rice, and the crop makes up a little less than half of the country's total grain output. China accounts for 26% of all world rice production."(Wikipedia). Would the mass debt built up between the US and China affect the eligibility of the US to trade...
  8. M

    Politics over Dead bodies: The Ambiguous Role of United Nations (U.N.)

    “Killing a person is the Killing of the whole humanity….’’ is the words of a great person. Today, we as human beings are differentiating between bloodshed. United Nations is the most respectable and most respectful association available to human being across the globe. The purpose of United...
  9. myp

    United States $25 million from debt ceiling

    Debt ceiling debate part 2 (or should I say 3 or 4 or more?) coming soon? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/here-we-go-again-us-25-million-away-debt-ceiling Pardon the sensationalist source.
  10. myp

    United States fighter jet sale to Saudi Arabia

    The US will be selling $29.4 billion of fighter jets to Saudi Arabia in a move that proponents suggest will help create domestic jobs and make the middle east more stable as worries about Iran continue to exist. The sale includes 84 new aircraft and upgrades to older jets...
  11. C

    The United States Of Israel --Shalom.

    The Mark Weber Report: Politicians’ Bidding for Jewish Support Highlights Corruption of US Political Life Nothing more vividly underscores the depths to which American political life has fallen than the behavior of leading presidential candidates at a recent meeting of the “Republican...
  12. P

    United DEMOCRATIC Nations

    After the US ditches the corrupt, illegitimate, antisemitic, and anti-American UN, it should found a United Democratic Nations. Nations interested in collaborating with the US internationally on a range of issues will be invited to join, IF they are democratic nations. As more nations join...
  13. myp

    S&P downgrades United States to AA+

    S&P just minutes ago downgraded the US from AAA to AA+. source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/08/06/us-usa-debt-downgrade-idUSTRE7746VF20110806
  14. myp

    Saudi King urged the United States to attack Iran

    WikiLeaks does it again- Julian Assange is one brave man. According to their latest release, Saudi King Abdullah tried to get the US to attack Iran over their nuclear weapons program. That can't go over well in the Islamic nations. More here...
  15. myp

    Jobless claims rise- again

    The number of jobless claim filings rose to 484,000 last week, making it the highest increase in the past six months. The number was unexpected by many and provides a grim outlook for the economy. source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE65M2WK20100812 Thoughts?
  16. myp

    Should the United States pursue an SDI missile defense system?

    One of the primary concerns of many Western governments in recent years has of course been the use of nuclear or other missiles on everyone's respective nations. The strategy against potential attack has of course been on the offensive with the war in Iraq, the expanding war on terror, etc...
  17. myp

    United States, Russia to make nuclear weapon cuts

    The United States and Russia have agreed on a new deal to cut a significant portion of each countries nuclear and weapon arsenals. The agreement comes after months of negotiating and includes cutting the long range nuclear arsenals of both countries by about one third. The cuts are still pending...
  18. ArghMonkey

    Wealth Distribution in the United States

    Financially speaking, there is a great inequality in the United States. Over the last 30 years, while the rich have been getting richer, the poor have been getting steadily poorer. One reason for the growing disparity between the rich and the poor is the fact that most new jobs that are...
  19. myp

    Israel to pay United Nations for damages

    Israel has agreed to pay $10.5 million to the U.N. for damages from their war on Gaza last winter. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has originally demanded $11.2 million, but upon discussions with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack it looks like they settled on $10.5 million. Thoughts...
  20. myp

    Has the United States gone through a lost decade?

    Here is an interesting graph I just ran across by the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2010/01/01/GR2010010101478.html Both GDP and household net worth went down over the past ten years, which is in stark contrast to the few decades before this one. Thoughts?