1. Southern Dad

    Predictions on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

    The testimony has been given. The senators have asked their questions. It's now up to the senators on the committee, and the full senate. I am sure that most of us have followed this confirmation, regardless of which side we are on. This poll is not asking what you want to happen nor what...
  2. El VetoVoter

    You Should Vote If...

    You Should Vote If... If you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that nothing bad can result from your action. If you can accurately predict what the winning politicians will do, and that it will all be good. If you are willing to take the blame for everything the politicians and...
  3. El VetoVoter

    Halt! Vote! Rational Reasons for Refusing to Vote

    Halt! Vote! Rational Reasons for Refusing to Vote Some politicians look good in the early going. But the more I hear them say, the more I learn about what they've done, and the more I discover what they plan to do... the worse they seem. It doesn't take long for most of them to...
  4. arcturus88

    this makes me want to vote for Trump

    They're basically terrorists, protesting freedom. If you don't like him don't vote for him. But protesting the act of democracy through terror = terrorism (at least in my book). They earned Trump a few points with me after this... Protesters take to streets after Trump rally in...
  5. David

    Will Scotland vote for independence?

  6. chris7375

    Sandy Relief Aid get its vote.

    Looks like the outspoken State Governors who are waiting on the Sandy Hook aid get their Vote. Seems Boehner can't take no more people ripping into him.
  7. myp

    Convince me to vote one way or the other on the Presidential race

    I plan on probably not voting for either. My state will be going for Obama. I don't like either candidate and am voting more to vote on the other issues on our ballot.
  8. S

    vote for none of the above

    I regret my state does not follow Nevada’s example. “None” appears along with all other candidates’ names on the ballots. By voting for "None", the voters’ are implying a willingness to vote for future candidates who are more amiable to their, (the voters’) political positions. This year’s lot...
  9. myp

    Wisconsin recall vote - projections?

    Today is judgement day for Governor Walker and Wisconsin. Do you think the Governor will get recalled? Late polls showed Walker had a narrowing lead. This could be quite an important election given Walker's position with the unions and collective bargaining as well as the momentum it could...
  10. myp

    Reuters Poll: Obama leads in veteran vote by up to 7 percent

    This surprised me, then I thought of who he is running against. Obama looks to be the favorite for the veteran vote this November.
  11. myp

    Neo-Nazi party wins 7 percent of popular vote in Greece

    This is frightening. Unfortunately, given the circumstances it might even somewhat make sense. And this is why no country lives in a vacuum. It is also why...
  12. DodgeFB

    Santorum: If you like Romney, vote for Obama

    The Romney campaign fired back, "I was disappointed to hear that Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as president than a Republican. This election is more important than any one person. It is about the future of America. Any of the Republicans running would be better than President...
  13. N

    Repugs candidates seen as a rebound vote

    President Obama is unable to do much for declining economy. Does that mean voting for Repug idiots will make it better? They will make any promise to get elected. Once elected, it will be the same - who cares. Because economy is out of control of any party. Each is looking for the power. US...
  14. W

    Tea Party Nazis! They will vote...will you?

    X0D4K9dxNF4 Tea Party Fascists are resorting to violence as a means of silencing their opposition. Show them that we won't be intimidated! Fight Fascism!
  15. S

    I won't vote in 2010

    Democrats have decided to delay the tax cuts bill vote until after the election. I?ll refrain from voting in general elections until the tax bill reaches the floors of both Congressional houses and the bill is voted upon the House of Representatives? floor. I fully support Obama?s...
  16. myp

    Healthcare vote tonight- this could be it

    After months of debate and back-and-forth arguments, the landmark health bill will go into a final vote tonight. After a positive CBO report on the bill, those for the bill are confident they have the votes and Congress will be voting on it later tonight. You can stream the debate and then...
  17. C

    Obama demands 'up-or-down' vote on health care

    Gee, affordable health care for Americans? Sounds too commie. J. Edgar Hoover would roll over in his grave.
  18. ArghMonkey

    Why do Americans vote against their own interests?

    More here ...
  19. myp

    Massachusetts gets set to vote in important election

    Quite an interesting situation is unfolding in Massachusetts right now as the state gets set to vote on Ted Kennedy's successor tomorrow. Republican candidate, Scott Brown has led in all the recent polls, which has many Democrats worried that the very liberal Massachusetts, might not swing...
  20. myp

    Democrats fail to move up hr 3200 vote

    Some Democrats were trying to move up the HR3200 (the healthcare bill) vote to this week, before the August recess. This was obviously to try to force a quick vote and hope that the bill goes through because as times goes on it continues to get picked apart and they are losing supporters...