1. Ralph47

    Interesting 10 Year Old Trump On Oprah Video

    (NOT literally on her. :giggle:)
  2. Ralph47

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. N

    Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice

    Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice The basis of Orwellian New-Speak is always to call things by their opposites. Thus, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, etc. So the USA is engaged in "nation building," not "nation destroying". .
  4. Ralph47

    Trump's 1st Year: A Tale Of Promises Kept

    By every measure of personal and national prosperity, the nation is better off than it was a year ago, and it's thanks to the integrity of our leader...
  5. Ralph47

    Trump's First Year: Historically Good

    Trump's First Year: Historically Good for America President Trump’s stature is only growing in the eyes of the people responsible for American job creation and wage growth. No matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie. What began as a...
  6. Ralph47

    U.S. Confidence Near 17 Year High

    If you think the President has NOTHING to do with it, you may as well go back to head down position. :giggle: Consumer confidence hit 122.1 in December, slightly below the 17-year high set in November, 128.6, according to the Conference Board's index released Wednesday. "Despite the...
  7. Ralph47

    Trump 1st Year Successfulness Poll

    Be honest, how successful would you say the 1st year of Trump was, ignoring all the massive amount of non-relevant noise that took place? :unsure:
  8. Ralph47

    Wow! Stock Market (Dow) Up 23.8% In One Year!
  9. Ralph47

    Snow So Early In Louisiana This Year

    Must be "global warming". :rolleyes:
  10. David

    20 year old toddler.
  11. myp

    Jobless claims drop to five year low

    Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. If only we can remove silly uncertainties in the market like the debt ceiling nonsense.
  12. chris7375

    Ron Paul's New Year Message to Congress.

    I found this Message good and figured I would share it with you all.
  13. myp

    NY Police: NYC murder rate to hit 50 year low

    Some are attributing it to stricter gun control. Levitt and Dubner might suggest Roe v. Wade. Any other theories? Either way, good news.
  14. Comet

    U.S. set for fourth year of $1 trillion-plus deficit: CBO

    Remind me to not ever allow politicians to balance my checkbook. :( I wonder when these people are going to learn that this is not Monopoly money we are dealing with? It is long past time we realize there is a serious problem and beging to act like it. That means making tough cuts and living...
  15. myp

    10 year treasuries sell for record low

    The treasury sold 10-year notes at 1.9 percent today, a new record.
  16. myp

    Google Zeitgeist 2011: Year in Review

    Great video (check out last year's too if you haven't seen it yet): SAIEamakLoY
  17. DodgeFB

    Horse Slaughterhouses May Reopen After Five Year Ban

    Horses can now legally be butchered for human consumption in the U.S. after Congress lifted a ban on funding horse processing inspections this month. The measure was part of an agriculture spending bill President Obama signed on Nov. 18, reversing the 2006 decision by Congress to defund...
  18. C

    Will the Association Agreement be signed to the end of this year and What expects Ukr

    Catherine Ashton: ??2011 was to have been a year of unparalleled opportunity and development in EU-Ukraine relations. Our aim was to sign an Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, by the end of the year. That Association Agreement was not conceived as a gift...
  19. C

    Happy Labor Day: Top 10 union thug moments of the year

    As the MSM whitewashes Big Labor?s ugly threats, Tea Party smears, and history of coerced dues-subsidized racketeering this Labor Day, what better way to mark the holiday than with an illustrated list of top 10 union thug moments of the year. 10. August 16, 2011, across the Northeast. Striking...
  20. myp

    Obama proposes 2 year freeze on federal worker pay

    In an attempt to show that he is willing to cut and work with the GOP, President Obama has proposed a 2 year freeze on federal salaries. It is estimated to save $2 billion in fiscal 2011. source: In my opinion, it might be a good notion, but...