1. R

    Donald Trump

    Many people have bad things to say about Donald Trump but I have something good to say. Trump says if he wins, he can get prayer brought back in schools. Children need to pray in schools. If they're taught to pray, they might grow up to be Christians. That would make them better citizens and...
  2. kowalskil

    Science and theology

    Those who were interested in my earlier post about NOMA are invited to read the modified version of atheist The last sentence of this short essay is: “Unresolved conflicts in debates about God usually result from absence of agreements on what the word God stands for." Ludwik
  3. RicardoDU

    Seperation - Church/State

    I want to start off by saying that I believe that there is a God, so don't take this as a militant post against that notion. This is also totally in my opinion. I just want to put my thoughts on this subject out there to gain a better understanding of what others think on the topic and of my...
  4. Protectionist

    Is Islam a Religion

    Is Islam a Religion ? This may come as a surprise to some, but there are millions of people around the world who do not accept the idea of Islam being a religion. The phrase >> "Islam - Not a religion" gets 191 Million results in a Google search. If everyone who has lived over the...
  5. kowalskil

    The fight for free religion

    The fight for free religion in America This PBS video, broadcasted on 12/18/2012, is worth watching and thinking about. It is full of topics worth debating, either here or elsewhere. Please share the link with those who might also be interested. Best...
  6. myp

    Neil Degreasse Tyson on religion, culture, and God

    A very interesting talk (as most of Tyson's are). I will try to find the full version later and I'll share it if I do: 6oxTMUTOz0w Edit: I believe I found the full version. Haven't watched it yet, but will soon- N7rR8stuQfk
  7. tecoyah

    Actual Debates ~The benefits of Religion.

    In this format (should you decide to post), you have agreed to contribute...not contaminate. By touching finger to keyboard, it will be assumed you intend to use a fact based opinion with each stroke of the board. Between the compassionate charity, societal stability, guiding principles...
  8. clax

    Religion, God, and politics

    I want to start this thread for just discussion about the title. All three of the subjects touch on sore spots for so many people, I just wonder why? First is religion, for obvious reasons religion is a controversial topic. Some religions seek to convert all people to that religion, some...
  9. G

    Some things about Religion i have observed

    Without adhering to any specific Religious system, i am saying this as something that seems compatible with many Religions, because it is such a simple idea, like the 'golden rule' (Confucianism and Christianity) that it is like the things many Religions say, so that it could help anyone without...
  10. theconspirator

    If i were the devil(U.S Goverment)

    By Paul Harvey I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world; I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man's effort, instead of God's blessings; I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of the other way around; I would dupe...
  11. myp

    Jesus vs. Religion

    This video has gotten a tremendous number of views in the three days its been out and I've seen it reposted by people more than a couple of times. Thought I'd share: 1IAhDGYlpqY
  12. N

    Perry feels brutalized for his religion

    If you cling to your religion, specially, Christianity (You are conservative). Which means you condemn all others who do not follow your religion. Shortly after endorsing the Texas Governor...
  13. RonPrice

    Apologetics Anyone?

    Since there are so many questions raised and issues discussed concerning people?s basic assumptions about life, about their philosophy, about their religious beliefs, indeed, about their very approach to reality and the way their society goes about organizing things, it seemed like a useful...
  14. G

    Can religion save lifes ?

    My husband had suffered from cancer of the esophagus since June 2003. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy. The fifth time he underwent chemotherapy, his throat really bothered him. The doctor prescribed only an anesthetic syrup. Because we couldn't afford the hospital bill, after the seventh...
  15. A

    Is Religion accepting Science?

    From the latest I've heard, religions are now starting to look upon science as a way of describing Gods work, rather than its enemy - I guess this is because it makes religion seem to make more sense. Forgetting the film Angels & Demons, there doesn't appear to be many 'attacks' between...
  16. myp

    Atheism, organized religion, and a higher being

    I was wondering how the atheists on this forum feel about a higher being. Do you simply believe no God or higher force exists? Perhaps even a force that unintentionally created this universe? I know that a lot of people feel that organized religion is manipulative, including me to an extent...
  17. D

    Whats the point of religion?

    Is it to just give false hopes? To breed ignorance and hatred? Is it there to retard the growth of society and science? Is it there because weak minded people with out it, couldn't live? To me, religion is nothing more than a means of mass social control. A way to coax people in to believing...
  18. ArghMonkey

    Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason
  19. Delta

    Free Will and Religion

    I was watching some clips from the movie Waking Life and an interesting topic came up. The reward and punishment system in religion is based on free will. However, if god is omniscient, and knows everything that will happen... then our life is predetermined. We're simply carrying out the...
  20. myp

    Birth control

    Some religious leaders have stated contempt towards birth control/condoms and have told supporters not to use them. This has sometimes led to people having too many children and not being able to support them. What are your thoughts on this issue? Personally, I would much rather have people use...